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First Grade Parents

Parents often ask me what they can do at home to help reinforce their child's learning.  I think this is wonderful and I applaud your effort.  Just believe me when I say your support at home shows in the classroom!  So the following are suggestions to aide you in continuing and reinforcing your child's learning at home.....remember you're a teacher too!!
 Ideas for Reinforcing Reading at Home
Read lots of books everyday with your child!  Children love to hear their favorite stories over and over again. Nothing is more beneficial than scheduling a nightly ritual of sharing bedtime stories with your child. This sweet time will foster a love of reading and literacy that is shared between you and your child. Before long, you will no longer be doing the reading! What a wonderful break to experience together with your child!
Before Reading:
  • Take a "picture walk" with your student. This is a time where you and your child just simply look at only the illustrations of their favorite book. This will help your child to make meaning before even reading. Encourage your student to verbalize what they see to further their predictions and assumptions prior to reading the book.

When You're Reading to Your Child:

  • Make sure your child can see the pictures clearly.
  • Use plenty of expression when reading. Children love voice changes. This truly brings the story to life!
  • As the story is developing, encourage your child to predict what will happen next.
  • As you read, point to each word, sliding your finger under the text. This will help to promote one-to-one text recognition. You will help your child to understand that text has meaning. In addition, this also shows a child how print works, from top to bottom and from left to right.

When You're Reading With Your Child:

  • Begin reading the story to your child in a speed that is comfortable to your child.
  • Encourage your child to point to each word as they read, sliding a finger from word to word.

When Your Child Comes to a Difficult Word:

  • Encourage your child to look at the picture and ask themselves what word would "make sense".
  • Ask your student to look at the first letter of the word and to say its sound. Ask your child what word would "make sense" that begins with that sound.
  • Ask your child to look for familiar "word families" (-at, -an, ig...) that would help to "chunk" the word into parts.
  • Ask your student to reread the entire sentence again and ask them if they can think of a word that would make sense in the sentence.

Questions to Ask After Reading:

  • Can you retell the story in your own words?
  • Were there surprises?
  • Who were the main characters?
  • What was the setting (where the story took place) of the story?
  • What was the plot (problem) of the story?
  • What did you like best about the main character? What did you not like?
  • What did you like about the ending of the story?
  • Did the story remind you of anything that has happened to you?