What Am I Being Graded On?

What am I being graded on in Art?

1. Artwork- Project requirements are discussed before students begin working, and a rubric is given to each student upon completion of the project. Each project has it's own specific requirements and it's own point value. Students are given the opportunity to evaluate their own work, in addition to receiving my feedback. Rubrics generally touch upon the following criteria:

   a. incorporation of techniques/art elements

   b. understanding of procedures/use of tools

   c. development of ideas

   d. craftsmanship

2. In-class exercises

   a. exit slips- short questions focusing on things pertaining to the unit in study

   b. worksheets

       1) practice exercises leading up to final project

       2) Art History worksheets

       3) vocabulary and tools/processes reviews

   c. critiques

3. Written Reflections- meaningful and thoughtful answers to questions about the conception and execution of artwork that demonstrate an understanding of the terms, processes and concepts