Welcome to the Art Studio

Welcome to Mrs. R's Art Studio

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Welcome back to school! As we enter the 4th quarter stay tuned see the finalists in each grade level for the district art contest!

 To see the list of units, projects and concepts that we will be covering please click on the "Curriculum" link in the menu to the left.  

To learn more about me click on the "About Mrs. Ryback" link. Thanks for visiting! 

If you wish to contact me I can be reached via email at sryback@zion6.org and by calling Shiloh Park School at extension 0371.

Dress for the Mess
Art is fun, but messy. If you are concerned about the state of your, or your child's,
clothing, please bring a smock to school. An apron, large t-shirt or old button-down shirt will work. I do have smocks available in the Art Room, but they do not cover everything. All children should bring their smocks to and from Art class, and bring them home to be washed. I also suggest trying to avoid wearing your best clothes on days that you have Art. Check your schedule and dress accordingly.

The Value of Sketchbooks
The sketchbook is one of the artist's most essential tools. It is a place to record observations, thoughts and reflections about the surrounding world. As a student, it is a great way to keep ideas, notes and sketches in one place for later reference. All of my students have sketchbooks that are kept in the Art Room, but I encourage everyone to keep one at home as well. You never know when a brilliant idea will strike or you just need to get your feelings out on paper! For ideas on what to include in your sketchbook, click here.