Educational and Artistic Philosophy

I believe that all children can and want to learn. It is my job to figure
out how to make the content of my curriculum accessible to everyone in a way that excites and motivates them to work to their full potential.

The Arts play a vital role in nurturing the development of critical thinking, creative problem solving, literacy, global awareness, and social and emotional well-being. The Arts are key in shaping culture and community, and are also powerful tools for communication and self expression. 

My curriculum is structured to provide
students with choices in their
subject matter and materials, and opportunities for reflection and goal setting. Children use the vocabulary of Art to analyze famous works, critique their own work and that of their classmates, justify the choices they make and identify successes and areas for growth. Critique and written reflections play a large part in helping me assess my students' understanding of the content, as well as reinforcing their self-awareness, literacy and critical thinking skills.

I plan my curriculum to provide students with a wide variety of experiences
with materials and processes.
Every unit contains an Art
History component, and seeks to introduce and build upon Art Elements and Principles as outlined by the national and state standards.
Learning about art history, art and artists from around the world is important in helping children understand that Art is not created in a vacuum, but is influenced by all facets of the surrounding environment. Conversely, art can have a profound effect on society and the way in which people view the world and themselves within it. I work with classroom teachers to integrate my units of study with the core curriculum, whenever possible, to further emphasize the interconnectedness of all subjects in life and create a more well-rounded educational experience. 

When a student leaves my Art program I hope that they are thoughtful, critical thinkers, and that they have an appreciation and respect for art, artists, the artistic process, and its’ real world applications. 

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