I am thrilled to work with you to make this a successful year!


*No school on Monday, 10/31

*We have a different bell schedule this year.  Please see my "Useful Links" page for the new bell schedule for 2016-17.

**English Lab is a class designed to ensure students' success in their English class.  Students will see improvement in their academic skills (reading comprehension, writing, language, speaking and listening), organizational skills, study skills, and self-confidence/esteem.  

**Students will have assignments for my class and will also work on the current assignments they need to do for their English classes.  I am there to assist them.  Please see the English teacher's website to see what assignments students need to work on for their English class.  They need to complete their assignments at home for their English classes and other classes and get as much done on the assignments as they can.  When they are in my class, they only have a limited amount of time each day to get assistance on their English assignments.  They should not rely on my class time to complete all of their homework.  

**Please sign up for Remind on your cell phones, so I can text you reminders with important information.
*Enter this number: 81010
*Text this message:  @lauraq

*Email for Remind:
*To: lauraq@mail.remind.com

**CELL PHONES:  Cell phones are a major distraction for the students and the teacher in the classroom.  Students must turn off their cell phones before entering my classroom.  If they choose to break this rule, they will have the consequence stated below for the 1st offense.

 They only have permission to turn their cell phones on, if I tell them they can turn them on for an educational purpose.  

*Here is the consequence for the 1st offense: ·    

  •  Referral to SSO with cell phone, teacher  documents  warning, parent contacted by SRL, device held in office until end of school day. 
*See the Behavior Consequences Chart for the additional cell phone consequences in my "Forms and Docs" section.

*Get involved at school!!  We have a variety of clubs available for you!  See the list under the "Forms and Docs" section!

 **Please donate a box of tissues for our classroom.  We want to stay healthy.  Thanks so much.

**Please let me know if you'd like to donate items to our Incentive Store:)