May 16: 4MP Interim Reports
May 28: Memorial Day, No School

This marking period is short and quick, all assignments count for a larger portion of grades due to the lack of time for additional tests and projects.

Additional Help provided during homeroom and after school with request on activity bus days

Classroom Daily Requirements
Students are required to have a large,spiral, college-ruled notebook.
Students must bring to class each day:
Pen or pencil
Agenda Book
Textbook (A cover is needed)

Notebook must be College Ruled to fit handouts and activities.  The more pages the better, at least 100 is recommended. If you know that your child has large handwriting a 3 Subject might be a better alternative, since it has more pages. 

Class Activities
7th grade students are focusing on the political, historical, and cultural elements of Europe.

6th grade students are wrapping up the ancient Greeks and finishing the year with the Romans.