Welcome to 5th Grade! I will be your child's 5th grade teacher this year. I am very excited to meet each child and to have the pleasure of teaching some of them for the second time! Please note that the 5th grade classrooms participate in a departmentalized style teaching. Your child will be taught by myself (Literature) as well as by Mrs. Murphy (math) and Mrs. Kenney (Science and Social Studies).


This year your child will participate in partnership reading. Each child will be paired with another (partners may change throughout the year as needed) and expected to read a variety of self-selected texts. Partners will conduct miniature book studies focused on the skills and strategies taught in class. The skills and concepts will be taught using excerpts from a variety of texts. Students will then learn to apply this skills in their independent reading. In addition to maintaining a nightly reading log and taking notes as they read they will conduct and record book talks with their partners to document their learning.

We will maintain an ELA notebook throughout the school year. This will be a very helpful tool to stay up to date with the skills and strategies introduced in class. Click below to see a digital copy of the ELA notebook:


Writing will be taught in each child's homeroom class. Our emphasis this year will be focused on learning to conduct research to write informational pieces as well as well informed opinion pieces. Many of the informational writing units will connect with what your child is learning in reading nonfiction.


To save paper, almost all communication will be conducted via the internet. Consider this your home page and you will be able to navigate everything you need from here!

Email: apetronio@hcsdk12.org

Remind101: TBA

Newsletters, Parent Teacher Conferences and Daily Contact and Reminders:

ELA Digital Notebook