Tips for Success

Maximizing Learning:
At some point throughout this year (or trimester, if you're a Geography student) you may find yourself asking, "How can I improve my grade in this course?" or, "How can I maximize my learning experience?"
Here's the answer:
  • Turn in all assignments on time, meeting all criteria.  If you have any late work, get that in, too. Please note, however, that "completion" does not mean an "A" grade.  Assignments need to be neat, thorough, and show higher order thinking.    
  • Check PowerSchool frequently!  There is NO excuse not to do this, all students have access to computers in the media center. Grades are updated frequently - missing assignments get 0's and are marked with an "m", so it is easy to tell if you are falling behind.
  • Pay attention and be actively involved in class.  Have all assignments completed so that in-class activities are meaningful.  Ask questions during class discussions, and volunteer answers to questions from both the teacher and other students (remember - it is OK to volunteer wrong answers - we can often learn a lot from making a wrong answer right!).
  • Take the time to actively study.  A little bit continuously throughout the term will help you more than trying to cram.
Work Completion vs. Actual Learning
As a student, your job is to learn.  Actual learning, however, requires more than just showing up and it requires more than doing just the bare minimum.  Sure, doing the bare minimum might get you by, or allow you to pass the class; but unless you really try, and learn - actually learn - the material, you are really doing a disservice to yourself.
What's the difference between learning and just getting your work done?


Work Completion

(minimal effort)

Actual Learning

(maximum effort)

Class Work/ Homework

Trying to “fill it out” before the bell rings; partially completing assignment; writing answers that don’t require or reflect much thought and analysis

Putting thoughtful effort into the assignment; coming in before/after school to ask me clarifying questions

Make-up/Absent Work

Waiting to get to class, then asking what was missed as class is starting; waiting several days to ask for missing work

Picking up material BEFORE school; sitting down for a few minutes to read through assignment and ask me any clarifying questions