Welcome to 4B

 Quarterly Exam 1 Schedule for 4th and 5th grade classes:

Thursday 10/26 - Religion

Friday 10/27 - Spelling

Thursday 11/2 - Spanish and Language Arts

Friday 11/3- Math

Tuesday 11/7- Science

Wednesday 11/8- Reading

Thursday 11/9 - Social Studies

End of the Quarter is Friday 11/10

Parent/ Teacher Meetings are Thursday and Friday 11/16 and 11/17.

     How exciting it is to be part of such an amazing teaching staff here at St. Philip Preparatory School!  As an experienced Catholic school teacher, I know first-hand that an unwavering commitment to excellence is required to achieve the wonderful educational and spiritual experiences that a Catholic education provides. 

       I am committed to being the best teacher I can to all my classes.   And with the support of parents and the promise of working hard from the students, I know we can achieve much.  The prosperity of the students in all my classes has always been my utmost concern.

     As the homeroom teacher,  I instruct on the following subjects: Religion/ Family Life, Spelling, Language Arts (Grammar) and Penmanship.  I also teach both classes for 4th and 5th grade Math.

     The grading breakdowns for classes are as follows:

Math and Language Arts :  tests &  quizzes 60%,  homework  30%  and participation/behavior  10%;

Religion :  tests  50%,  quizzes  30%  and participation/behavior 20%;

Spelling : tests  80%, homework 20%;

Penmanship : 100% assignments.

DISCLAIMER: Homework on this site is posted as a SECONDARY form of communication.  Students write down homework as instructed verbally in class and written on the board.   Student may not leave class without first writing down homework.  This provides accuracy of assignment and the opportunity to ask any question about it. 

DISCLAIMER:  Pop quizzes, which are not announced prior to the class,  may be given in Math and Language Arts classes.  Also, there are no retakes or extra credit for any low or failing grade.

     I can be reached at:   gina.perdek@stphilipprep.com.   Because I teach a full schedule, please allow me time to respond to your email after school. (Email is not read during school or over the weekend and  holidays.) Any change to child's dismissal must be either written in a note or called to the office - not via email.

     Snacks for celebrations need to be healthy, as instructed in the Handbook.  No gift bags please.

     Please inform me of updated  contact information (phone # and email address. ) 

 I look forward to meeting and talking to as many parents and guardians as possible throughout the year. Together, we can achieve anything! 

           May God Bless!