April Newsletters

Kindergarten News

April 24, 2015

Reading-In large group reading this week, we thought about what it is like to be the youngest in a family.  We read a silly story about a little boy who was told he was too little to fly a kite in Someone Bigger.  We cheered as he was the person to successfully fly the kite by the end of the story!  We also read One of Three, which had us watching the youngest child in a family work to keep up with her two sisters.  Our skill work for the week had us comparing and contrasting, and our new sight words were: every, help, ask, have, walk, one.

Math-We solved word problems this week and had to find the missing addend.  For example: If I had $3 and needed $8 to buy a toy, how much more would I need?  We used our ten frames and circles to help us solve the problems.  We became very quick at solving those difficult problems.  This is a perfect type of problem to try and solve in the car, so keep up this work over the summer!

Science-We wrapped up our study of wood this week and began the second half of the science kit about paper.  With wood, we made messy particleboard and decided it was much more efficient for machines to make it!  For paper, we went on a paper hunt throughout our room and were surprised to see how many items were made of paper.  We also wrote and drew on paper and found that some types of paper were much easier to write and draw on than others.  It was hard to write much on the waxed paper!

Snack Calendar-Your final snack calendar for the kindergarten school year is on the back of this week’s newsletter.  Please note your child’s date, and let me know if there is a conflict!  Thank you for a wonderful year of snacks and sharing.  We loved the clues that came along with each sharing and appreciate the time you took to help your child prepare.

Upcoming Date:  Art Show/Ice Cream Social: Tuesday, May 5th: 5-8 p.m.

Ag in the Park-The Kindergarten classes will be going on their mini field trip on Friday, May 1.  At 9:15, we will leave the school and go to the Linn County Fairgrounds for the “Ag in the Park” celebration from approximately 9:30-10:30.  The children will have the opportunity to see many farm animals, equipment, and various exhibits.  We would like to have four volunteers from each kindergarten class ride the bus with us and help chaperone at the park.  If your name is not chosen to chaperone, any family members are welcome to meet us at the Fairgrounds for the time we are there!

Please send the form below back with your child to school on Monday, April 27th, if you are interested in volunteering  We will draw on this day for volunteers, so if your form is not in, you will not be in the drawing.  Thanks!

Mrs. Paulsen's Kindergarten News
April 17, 2015

Reading - In large group reading this week we focused on the idea of doing our best.  We revisited a familiar character when we read Curious George Makes Pancakes.  George was doing his best but still managed to get into some trouble! :)  Our other story was Kitten’s First Full Moon, by Kevin Henkes.  This adorable kitten had the full moon mixed up with a bowl of milk, and we laughed at how hard she worked to try to drink the moon.  We focused on using the clues in the stories to answer questions, or draw conclusions.  Finally, our sight words for the week were only, little, just, down, do, went.

Math – This week we started a unit on making ten from two addends.  We brought out the ten frames that we used earlier in the school year and explored what number combinations can be used to make ten.  We looked at number sentences like 7+___=10 and solved for the missing addend.

Science - This week we sanded wood and collected the sawdust.  We were amazed to see the sawdust collect.  We also learned about some types of wood being man-made.  Students created their own particle board and plywood.   


Book Bags - I’m so excited for all the great reading that is going on at home with our book bag project.  Keep up the good work!  

Mrs. Paulsen’s Kindergarten News

April 10, 2015


Emails-Beginning next week, I’m going to start my last round of scheduled emails for the school year.  I have really appreciated the correspondence I have experienced with you this school year, and I hope you have enjoyed it, too.  I will still touch base when a story or concern warrants.  Thank you.


Reading - Our stories this week were all about food that people get from plants.  Our first story, Bread Comes to Life, showed us the steps taken from planting the wheat to eating bread.  Pie in the Sky by Lois Ehlert had us all hungry for pie!  The author in this story wrote about the changing stages of a cherry tree and the creatures who all enjoy the tree.  It concludes with the family making and enjoying a pie.  We created our own recipe for pie this week.  We also focused on different features of text and how the author uses them to help tell the story. 


Math - We finished up our unit on telling time this week.  We spent most of our time practicing telling time to the hour.  It was fun to get out individual clocks to practice.  We also learned how to write times in digital form.      


Science - This week we experimented with wood and water.  We found out that wood floats in water, but if we use weights we can make it sink.  We also figured out that some types of wood sink more easily than others. 


Spring Pictures - Each year Lifetouch comes out to take spring pictures.  Pictures will be taken on Tuesday, April 14.  With spring pictures, all students have their pictures taken.  Pictures are sent home when received by the school, and at that time, you may choose to purchase.  If you do not want them, you just send them back to school.  If you have a preference for pose and background, please indicate your choice on this form and send back on Tuesday. 


Career Day - Today your child was given the opportunity to explore two different careers at Elementary Career Day.  This afternoon we welcomed a variety of presenters into our building and students learned about some interesting jobs.  Ask your child about his/her favorite session.  J 


Book Orders - The April round of books orders is here!  The orders will be due on Friday,April 17th.  Cash or checks made payable to Scholastic Book Clubs are accepted.  I’ve again set up online ordering for those who are interested.  The website is scholastic.com/bookclubs, and our class code is GNQWG. Please let me know if you have any questions about ordering.  This will be the last book order of the school year. 


Important Dates

Tuesday, April 14 – Spring Pictures