April Newsletters

Kindergarten News
April 28, 2017

Reading - Our stories this week were all about food that people get from plants.  Our first story, Bread Comes to Life, showed us the steps taken from planting the wheat to eating bread.  Pie in the Sky by Lois Ehlert had us all hungry for pie!  The author in this story wrote about the changing stages of a cherry tree and the creatures which all enjoy the tree.  It concludes with the family making and enjoying a pie.  We created our own recipe for pie this week.  We also focused on different features of text and how the author uses them to help tell the story. 

Math ­– We concluded our last week of small groups this week for math.  We wrapped up our work with addition/subtraction, making 10, and exploring teen numbers.  We enjoyed being able to work in our group of just 12 kindergarten kids to focus more on these three topics.

Science - We had some messy fun in science this week!  We started the process of papier-mâché and had a blast!  We tore newspapers into strips, dipped the pieces into liquid starch, and then wrapped the pieces around a bowl.  We did two layers this week and are excited to see how our bowls look next week when they have been popped out of the plastic.  We will now get to paint them once they are totally dry.  We are excited to see how our final project looks!


Ag in the Park-The Kindergarten classes will be going on their mini field trip on the morning of Friday, May 5.  We will leave the school by bus and go to the Linn County Fairgrounds for the “Ag in the Park” celebration.  The children will have the opportunity to see many farm animals, equipment, and various exhibits.  We will leave from school at 9:30, which puts us arriving to the Fairgrounds around 9:45.  We will stay there until 11:15 and then head back to school.  Any family member is welcome to meet us at the Fairgrounds to walk around the park between that 9:45 and 11:15 time frame.  Finally, your child will need to wear a jacket and comfortable shoes this day (no flip flops, please!).  Please let us know if you have any questions!


Snack Calendar-Your final snack calendar for the kindergarten school year is in your child’s Friday folder.  Please note your child’s date, and let me know if there is a conflict!  Thank you for a wonderful year of snacks and sharing.  We loved the clues that came along with each sharing and appreciate the time you took to help your child prepare.


Spring Pictures-You received your child’s spring pictures on Monday.  Please decide if you’d like to pay for and keep any of the pictures.  You then will send back any unwanted pictures to school, and we will take care of sending them back to the company.


Upcoming Dates of Importance:

Tuesday, May 2nd:  All School Art Show and PTO Ice Cream Social from 5-8 p.m.

Friday, May 5th: 1:45 Early Dismissal from School


Reminder!  There was information about a coin drive occurring next week at school to benefit brain cancer research. If you’d like to participate, your child can bring pennies Monday, nickels Tuesday, dimes Wednesday, quarters Thursday, and bills Friday.  Thanks!

 Kindergarten News

April 21, 2017


Reading- We read two informational texts this week that had us thinking about how animals in the wild use their colors to help them survive.  The two books were Red Eyes or Blue Feathers and Chameleon, Chameleon.  Our books had beautiful pictures and captivated us from the start.  We really thought about how sly and brave wild animals need to be!  Our skill work had us drawing conclusions from the text while reading, which would be a great skill to continue to practice at home while reading.  Finally, our sight words for the week were:  away, by, he, must, know, there.


Earth Day—We spent this morning talking about Earth Day.  We made a headband and read a cool book.  High school students came down and led us in a fun activity.  Ask your child about our Earth Day fun!


Math-We continued with our small math groups this week, reviewing teen numbers, making ten, and addition/subtraction.


Science – Since we have been talking about paper during science time, we had fun folding paper to create a beautiful flower.  Next week we will begin the process of papier-mâché to make a bowl!

Upcoming Dates of Importance:

Friday, April 28th: We will actually have a full Friday of school today! J
Tuesday, May 2nd:  All School Art Show and PTO Ice Cream Social from 5-8 p.m.

Kindergarten News
April 13, 2017

--We continued our theme of growing during large group reading this week.  Our first story, Oscar and the Frog, explained many different stages of growth for plants and animals.  We loved how Oscar viewed the world.  Our second story, Zinnia’s Flower Garden, demonstrated the steps to starting and caring for a flower garden.  We really enjoyed seeing the beautiful illustrations and discussing the differences and similarities between the flowers.  Our writing work this week focused around creating our pages for our class book.  We worked hard and are excited to see how our book will turn out.  Finally, our focus words for the week were: all, she, her, over, some, when.


Math—We started math groups this week that we will continue for two more weeks.  We have combined with Mrs. Workman’s room to refresh our memories of concepts formerly taught and further our understanding of these topics.  Students with Mrs. Ludwig are reviewing addition and subtraction, students with Mrs. Workman are reviewing how to decompose (break apart) teen numbers, and finally, students in our room are working on increasing our ability to find different combinations of numbers to make 10.  We love working with friends from both classes, and it’s fun to be in such small groups!


Science—We were busy once again in science this week!  On Monday we worked on seeing what happens when paper gets wet.  We took an eyedropper and put small drops on the different types of paper.  It was fun to see some soak in, some bead up, and some spread out.  On Wednesday, then, we worked on making recycled paper out of toilet paper.  We had to make pulp out of the paper and water, and then strain out as much water as we could.  We were excited on Thursday to see how our paper dried.  Ask us if we thought it seemed like real paper! J


Upcoming Dates of Importance

*Friday, April 14th and Monday, April 17th-No School!  Enjoy the long weekend.

*Friday, April 21st – 1:45 Early Dismissal

Kindergarten News
April 7th, 2017


Reading-We loved our two stories in large group reading this week!  Our first story, A Tiger Grows Up, was an informational text that allowed us to watch as a tiger cub grew into a tigress.  We loved seeing the changes that occurred as she grew.  It reminded us of our zebra story from a few weeks ago!  We also read Leo the Late Bloomer, which again had us thinking about how animals and people change as they grow.  We cheered for Leo as he grew in confidence throughout the story.  We used the idea of change to help us write this week.  We wrote about something we are proud that we are able to do now that we were not able to do before.   Finally, the sight words we studied this week were: said, good, could, ate, then, and was.


Math – We practiced telling time to the hour quite a bit this week.  After we had grasped this concept, we took our knowledge and applied it to different daily activities.  We also talked about digital time and matched it to different analog times.  We talked about what time of day it made the most sense to do certain activities, and we also briefly touched on the quarter and half past an hour.  We will assess time telling next week and continue to explore it in small groups if necessary.


Science-In science this week, we switched from studying wood to studying paper.  We looked at different types of paper and then hunted around the room for things made of paper.  We were surprised to see so many everyday things in our room are made of paper.  We also took time on Wednesday to look at which types of paper were easier or harder to draw/write on.  We found it was not easy to write a note on waxed paper! J


Book-In your child’s Friday folder this week, you will see an order form explaining about purchasing a book.  Next week in school, our class is going to work on writing/drawing pages that will be sent in for production into a hard-covered book.  I have a sample book in our classroom, so let me know if you would like to see it.  Buying this book is completely optional, but if you are interested, please have your order form in by Thursday, April 13th. I have to mail our pages on the 14th.  Let me know if you have any questions!  Thank you.


Important Dates –

*Tuesday, April 11th- Spring Pictures!  If you want a certain pose for your child, please send the selection form back in by this date.

*Friday, April 14th and Monday, April 17th-No School!

*Friday, April 21st1:45 Early Dismissal



Have a great weekend!  Enjoy the much-needed sunshine! J