April Newsletters

Kindergarten News
April 13, 2018


Reading- We read two informational texts this week that had us thinking about how animals in the wild use their colors to help them survive.  The two books were Red Eyes or Blue Feathers and Chameleon, Chameleon.  Our books had beautiful pictures and captivated us from the start.  We really thought about how sly and brave wild animals need to be!  Our skill work had us drawing conclusions from the text while reading, which would be a great skill to continue to practice at home while reading.  Finally, our focus words for the week were:  away, by, he, must, know, there.


Science—We wrapped up our unit on forces, and next week we will begin our final science unit of the year, which focuses on Animals and Algorithms.  This includes a lot more technology into our science, which we are sure will be hit! J


Math—We wrapped up our small group math work this week, which focused either on measuring or data/graphing.  Next week we will continue in our mixed groups, this time focusing on money or time!


Upcoming Dates of Importance:

*Friday, April 20th: 1:45 Early Dismissal

Kindergarten News
April 6, 2018


Reading--We continued our theme of growing during large group reading this week.  Our first story, Oscar and the Frog, explained many different stages of growth for plants and animals.  We loved how Oscar viewed the world.  Our second story, Zinnia’s Flower Garden, demonstrated the steps to starting and caring for a flower garden.  We really enjoyed seeing the beautiful illustrations and discussing the differences and similarities between the flowers.  Our writing work this week focused around sequencing events from our story.  Finally, our focus words for the week were: all, she, her, over, some, when.


Eggs—We were SO excited this week to be joined by seven eggs in an incubator.  Our classroom was selected to participate in a program through the ISU Linn County Extension Office.  We are eagerly checking our incubator every day, and we enjoy being able to see the development through some simulation eggs.  We open a new one each day to see what is going on inside our real eggs! 


Old Creamery Theatre—On Wednesday, we were excited to be joined by a group from the Old Creamery Theatre.  During their 45-minute show, we watched different skits all relating to effective ways to solve problems.  We laughed a lot, so ask your child if he/she remembers any parts of the show!


Science—This week we used all our knowledge about pushes and pulls to design something to help move rocks.  The opening story to our unit told us about a girl who needed rocks moved to put in a playground at her house.  We used some classroom supplies to create something that could move more than one rock at a time to make the job get done faster.  Ask your child to explain what he or she created!


Math—We traded math groups this week, so once again, your child is either with Mrs. Paulsen learning about measurement, or with Mr. Stacey (in Mrs. Workman’s room) learning about data and graphing.  We will continue these new groups next week, too.


Important Dates –

*Tuesday, April 10th- Spring Pictures!  If you want a certain pose for your child, please send the selection form back in by this date.

*Friday, April 13thFull Friday of School

*Friday, April 20th1:45 Early Dismissal

Have a great weekend!