Hurricane Webquest

After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • determine what conditions are necessary to create a hurricane
  • locate where hurricanes form and travel to within the Atlantic ocean
  • know when hurricane season starts and ends
  • define the stages of development and recognize the parts of a hurricane
  • explain how the intensities of hurricanes are measured and the damage they inflict
  • understand how hurricanes are named
  • make your own hurricanes

To start, choose a task from the menu to your left. All links will be displayed in this frame. If you get lost, simply click on the task number and you will be back to where you started.

Task 1: Naming Hurricanes

Use these websites to complete the task sheet.

  1. Naming Hurricanes:
  2. How are hurricanes named?


Task 2: Stages of Development

Use these websites to complete the task sheet.

  1. Hurricane Season:
  2. Interactive: How hurricanes form View this link!
  3. Typical Northern Hemisphere hurricane:
  4. Stages of Development:


Task 3: Parts of the Hurricane

Use these websites to complete the task sheet:

  1. Watch this BrainPOP movie and take the online quiz: View this link!
  2. Structure of a hurricane:
  3. Anatomy of a hurricane:
  4. Inside the storm: View this link!


Task 4: Rating Hurricanes - The Saffir-Simpson Scale

Use these websites to complete the task sheet:

  1. Interactive Graphic for Storm Surges - View this link!
  2. Interactive Graphic for Hurricane Intensity -View this link!
  3. NASA:
  5. Severe Weather:
  6. View of Isabel from space - Landfall North Carolina View this link!


Task 5: Interactive Hurricane Programs

If you have completed tasks # 1-4, you are now ready to make your own hurricanes! Have fun!

  1. Hurricane Maker:
  2. Create-a-Cane:
  3. Aim a Hurricane:


Hi guys - by now you know you have the day off due to Hurricane Sandy.  Here's some cool sites to watch to get the latest information.
Wind map - this is really awesome!  :
You can go here: to lern about what hurricanes are and here: (choose Full Atlantic) to print your very own hurrikcane tracking chart 
An awesome map to see what kind of warnings are in affect:
NY State current weather conditions:
This site lets you view the satellite images and click on 24 hour and it shows you the path of the storm:
Hurricane Hunters site:
Stay inside - stay safe!