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Mrs. O'Donnell's Summer Science Journal:

Entry One: 
Went to the city with my husband to visit my beloved Aunt Jo. While we were walking around, we passed the New York City Public Library, which you may or may not know, has two marble lion statues on either side of the stairs. I noticed that they were roped off. Later on, on the train ride home, I read in a local newspaper that they're getting ready to maintain the statues.

From the article
Made of porous Tennessee pink marble, the lions must be restored every seven to ten years because of the toll taken from the elements, traffic exhaust, and adventurous visitors who scale the stone felines. WJE Engineers and Architects will assess the stoic gatekeepers and then repairs will be made, including filling in cracks with grout and a long-lasting laser cleaning that won’t damage the stone. 

Entry 2:   
On our drive to and from Florida, I noticed that that some of the highway lane markers were alternating black and white, when previously they'd been only white. Of course I had to Google it to find out why!
Why are road stripes black and white?

Between white lane striping, Caltrans adds black stripes on some freeway stretches made of concrete, especially where the roadway has been grounded down and is a lighter color. This can help motorists on rainy days or when glare kicks up, because it can be easier to see the black stripes than the white ones.

Entry 3: 
Some of you may remember that  I talked about nesting sea turtles. This year on our visit to Florida I learned some more about their nesting season. It seems that the turtles are attracted to the lights that shine from the buildings but it can mess up the laying of their eggs oh, so all the buildings that are built on the ocean have rules where you have to close your blinds at night or have certain special glass that prevents the light from attracting the turtles. 

If you want to live on the ocean however, this can be a problem, because you can't walk around in the dark. I did a little research to see what a beachfront homeowner could do, that would solve their light problem and help the turtles as well.

By knowing what types of fixtures and bulbs to avoid, you can help to protect sea turtle hatchlings and other beach-dwelling animals such as beach mice and shorebirds. When buying fixtures and bulbs for your beachfront property, remember the three golden rules: Keep it low, Keep it shielded, and Keep it long. See below for examples of good  beachfront lighting.

All of these fixtures are sea turtle friendly because they are directed downward, are low to the ground, and are shielded.

These bulbs are sea turtle-friendly because they utilize long-wavelength light (580 nanometers or longer), such as lights that are yellow, amber, or red in color. 

Entry 4:
Sustainability - is a new concept in business, in which the business tries to be successful, without depleting natural resources.  Many companies have entire departments and individuals whose only job is to try to make things sustainable.  For instance, a food product company may choose to package their product in paper rather than plastic, because it is recyclable.
During my visit to the Tennis Open with the 8th grade, I was thrilled to discover that the Open and many of its vendors are committed to sustainability, and in fact there were entire booths and displays explaining what they were doing to accomplish that.  Just like McDonald's, they have started using paper straws.  They collect the tin pop tops  from the tennis ball cans and recycle them.  

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