5th grade Panthers are awesome!

Welcome to our classroom web site.  

Please note:  HOMEWORK SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  I plan our week out, but there will be times that we will need more time to understand a concept.  Please refer to your child's planner for our exact assignments.

Please contact me FOR ANY REASON you deem necessary.  Your child's, my student's, well being and education are my priorities. jenny.nicholls@sjsw.ptdiocese.org

Welcome to 5th grade, SJS Panthers!  My summer has been fun, and I pray yours has been too; I am excited about this year!

The following info is important, so a copy is posted on our website: https://sites.google.com/site/mrsnichollsgrade5/

Email is the best way to reach me:  jenny.nicholls@sjsw.ptdiocese.org


Our classwork /homework/upcoming tests are on the side white board every day; it stays up for the entire week.  If a student is absent, he/she needs to copy the assignments for the day(s) missed.  I stamp completed planners at the end of each day; parents are encouraged to look over and sign the planner each day.  A stamped and daily signed planner Monday-Thursday= +4 pts. on Friday’s spelling test.  


Homework is assigned as needed; however, math and reading homework are the two most assigned.

ALL WORK accepted only in your student’s handwriting.

Late policy:  a grade no higher than a C will be earned on assignments turned in late.

Absent work:  Your student will have the same amount of days as absent to make up missed assignments.  For example, if your child is absent Monday and Tuesday, assignments are due Friday.


Prayers that need to be memorized in 5th grade (we will work on these throughout the year):

The Memorare

The Regina Coeli

Nicene Creed

In an effort to learn more about our Catholic saints, students will write a paragraph or two each month on a saint of their choosing.  Research will take place mostly in class and/or media.


Multiplication tables 0-12 must be memorized by the beginning of October.  Our 5th grade math will be very difficult if the student does not know his/her multiplication tables by heart.

Test Schedule

I give the students plenty of advanced notice of upcoming tests.  I dislike scheduling “test days” because some concepts require more time than others.  Barring any bizarre circumstances, two is the max number of tests we will have on one day.  I review heavily with the students before most tests.  We will pray before each test.  The tests I can “schedule” is a spelling and vocabulary test on Friday.  

Relaxation Techniques

Everyone deals with anxiety, nervousness, and excess energy at times.  To help combat these,  I will teach your child a variety of relaxation methods including controlled breathing, releasing excess energy from our toes on up, and basic yoga.  Very little time is needed to learn these techniques, and the students will have calming techniques they can do anywhere for the rest of their lives.


My approach to discipline is to use humor and common sense.  If a student is acting out, I try to get to the root of the behavior. I also may send the student on an errand just to give him/her a few minutes to regroup and calm him/herself.  However, when the need arises,  I use a four point discipline system.  

Step 1:  Seriously?

Step 2:  You have been warned.  

Step 3:  Recess lost

Step 4:  Demerit

I do not like to write demerits.  Other than step 4 above, I will write a demerit for: swearing, extreme disrespect, and lying (not all reasons listed; there are circumstances I can’t foresee).  After 3 demerits, your student will serve a detention.  These are held for an hour after school on a teacher assigned day.  

Safety Patrol

Fifth grade is responsible for safety patrol.  We will have two groups:  morning and afternoon.  Please impress upon your child, as I will, that this is an important job.  Teacher and car line monitors reserve the right to suspend this privilege from any student who does not take this role seriously.  

Operation Stuffing Hearts

Fifth grade has adopted the Escambia County Sheriff's Office (on Navy) for our annual service project.  An information sheet will come home when we begin this.


I send out class emails instead of newsletters.  These are sporadic.  I will email you about upcoming projects, larger than normal tests, class issues, etc.   If you do not have email access, then I will send home a paper copy of the email with your child.

You can always email me or write me a note.  Please do not text me anything school related.  

Grading Scale

100-90 A

89-80 B

79-70 C

69-60 D

59-         F


*Each student will have an AR goal set for each grading period.  This goal will be turned into a grade for Reading.

*I will do my best to update Powerschool once a week.  

*For the 2nd-4th quarter, the students will complete either a social studies or science project with a partner.  You must work with a different partner for each project.  The project will be due one week before the quarter ends; it is worth a few grades (see attached sheet).

*The first quarter, every student will choose a Native American tribe and create a village.  Details will be provided.

*Please wear full uniform each day.