CVS 103
Helping Others with Your Bargain Shopping

Make sure you are familiar with all of the info in CVS 101 and CVS 102 before continuing to optimize you shopping experience at CVS. Also don't forget to view CVS Lessons Learned to ensure you don't make the same mistakes I have! Enough chatter. Moving onward....


Stocking up on big deal items is easy to do at CVS.  However, please keep in mind if you have the room to store the items and the limit noted on the ECB offer.  Even if the limit is 8, if you cannot store 8 packages of 24-rolls of toilet paper in your home you have two options:

a.)    don’t buy it

b.)    give it to charity


CVS is a great place to get items that you don’t need or don’t use to donate to charity.  If you don’t eat green beans, but can get cans of them for pennies, it would be a great chance to pick them up for a local food pantry.  If you can get toilet paper and toiletries, many pantries take these as well.  Also, a great use for these items is sending them to soldiers on active duty overseas.  Most military personnel who have lived in a tent city can tell you that a roll of toilet paper is worth 100 times its weight in gold.  So you can’t store all of that toilet paper?  Send a couple of rolls in a shoebox to some soldier in the field.  Include some free deodorant and some toothpaste that you paid $0.24 for.  They will love it!  See, that’s not being cheap…that is using resources that are already available to help others out!


If this is something that interests you, keep in mind that you might have to spend some cash to get ECBs back, but as long as you are spending the ECBs on later shopping trips, the item(s) can be considered “free.”  For instance, I recently purchase two toothbrushes (the limit was 2) that were $2.99 each with a ECB value of 2.99.  Yes, I had to spend $5.98 out of pocket (if I didn’t already have ECBs from a previous trip to use), but I got 5.98 in ECBs back.  As long as I spend those ECBs at some time later, the items were essentially free.  What a great item to stick to the side for my own use later, put in the guest bathroom (unopened of course!), give to a shelter, or send to a soldier!  It just took a little research on my part. 


You can also use ECBs on online purchases at CVS.  By using CVS’s website you can earn additional rewards for future online shopping.  I personally don’t shop on this site because I have a store less than 1 mile from my house, but I certainly might if there is ever a deal that my store does not carry!


The last topic is additional savings.  You can register for UPromise and save for your child's (or someone else's!) college education or money for local schools.  You can register your ExtraCare card at the UPromise website if you already have a UPromise account (if not, you can set one up for free). When you buy items that qualify for UPromise rewards (there are many of these sold at CVS), a certain percentage of the pre-coupon purchase price automatically gets put into the UPromise account.  If you don’t have children of your own to save for, your friends or family members that do can register for an account and sign you up as a contributing member. (If you'd like to save for my children, let me know! *smiles*) Any qualifying amounts then go into the accounts associated with your card’s registration.  If you don’t know any children that need this help, you can pick area schools and send any portion of your earning into their UPromise accounts. 


Basically it is free money.  The only work you have to do for it is register your card online.  You can practically forget about it after that, although I can guarantee you will want to see the money adding up in the account of those you are saving for.


Okay, so I have now poured out the wealth of knowledge that was floating about in my head pertaining to the CVS shopping experience.  I know when I learned all of this information I was bubbling with excitement to use it.  I still get excited when I see how much money I DON’T have to spend.  CVS is making life easier for all of us to get those items that we need for our home and families, and I know that I will thank them by continuing to shop there.  It’s a cyclic process for CVS and me—and we’re both reaping the benefits!