Frugal Blogs I (Regularly) Read

I will try to update this regularly, as it is always changing!

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In my defense: 

1.)  If your blog is listed but I am not subscribed to it, that is only because you do not have a link to let me subscribe with Google Reader.  If you add this feature, I will be a subscriber, as I still visit your site regularly.  I don't like just RSS feed...I want to do it with Google.   

2.)  If your blog is not listed here, it may be because I haven't discovered it yet.  There is a lot of material in Blogland and I may have never darkened your blog's door.  Contact me and let me know about your blog--I promise if I like it, I will be a faithful reader (or subscribe with Google Reader if you let me).  If I don't like's okay...we can still be friends. 

$5 Dinners (subscribed)

20s Money  (subscribed)

5 Minutes for Mom

Abundant Food Savings (subscribed)

...And for Poorer

A Whole Lotta' Nothing...and then some (subscribed)

Baby Cheapskate (subscribed)

Bargain Babe

The Bargain Shopper Lady (subscribed)

Because I Said So (subscribed)

Be Centsable (subscribed)

Blogging Away Debt (subscribed)

Breaking the Dress Code (subscribed)

Cents to Save (subscribed)

Centsible Savings (subscribed)

Cleverdude (subscribed)

Coupon Dad (subscribed)

Coupon Geek (subscribed)

Coupon Mom

The Diaper Diaries

Dumb Little Man

FiscalGeek (subscribed)

Free From Broke (subscribed)

Free Samples Blog

Frugal Babe

Frugal Dad (subscribed)

Frugal Family Life (subscribed)

Frugal Georgia Mom (subscribed)

Frugal Hacks (subscribed and a member!)

Frugal Living NW (subscribed)

Generation X Finance (subscribed)

Get Groceries Free

Home Ec 101 (subscribed)

Home Ever After (subscribed)

I Heart CVS (subscribed)

I Heart Rite Aid (subscribed)

I Heart WAGS (subscribed)

The Ivey League

Jack and Jill of Many Trades

Jane 4 Girls

Man Vs. Debt (subscribed)

Mommies With Cents  (subscribed)

Money Saving Mom (subscribed)

Money Under 30 (subscribed)

Moneywise Moms (subscribed)

Mrs. Micah: Finance for a Freelance Life (subscribed)

Mummified Times Five (subscribed)

My Tiny Kingdom  (subscribed)

Nesting Place

Northern Cheapskate (subscribed)

not the jet set (subscribed)

Parent Hacks (subscribed)

Poorer Than You (subscribed)

Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

Rather Be Shopping Blog  (subscribed)

Rocks in My Dryer

Saving and Giving

Saving Money 101

Shake the Salt (subscribed)

Shoplifting with Permission  (subscribed)

Sound Money Matters

Start Sampling News

Super Coupon Girl

The Thrifty Mommy've got some work to do.  Happy reading!