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    Welcome to Second Grade!                    Mrs. Maribeth Nelson            

                           August   2020

 There is a new protocol for many things! Our word for the year-Fluid!            


Your 2nd grader will become more responsible this year.  They will fill in an assignment book daily which must be initialed by parent/guardian every night. 

AR books will be found on  their own.*    We will be learning cursive handwriting.

 I update my website weekly/daily so check it for information/questions.


Practice math facts (+ & - to 20) at home.

Book: My Math (McGraw-Hill)

Students may have to finish homework page for the lesson. Regrouping taught in addition and subtraction.


Any homework will be written in assignment book and on website.

              Reading/Language Arts                                        

Read at least 15 minutes each night

-End of week test on featured story

             (usually Friday)

Book: Treasures (McMillian/McGraw-Hill)

  - A.R. (Accelerated Reader) Test

    (at least) monthly  *details to come 

-Spelling ‘TicTacToe’ activity weekly &

             end of week test

                                  Science & Social Studies

Books: Science (Harcourt) and We Live Together ( (McMillian/McGraw-Hill) 

      Both curriculums supplemented by Scholastic News Magazines

      and Health Class.  

      Graded:  ‘O’, ‘S’, ‘N’  


Your child will receive 2 sacraments this year: 

1st Reconciliation &1st Communion 

New details for ceremonies to come because of pandemic

Book: We Believe (Sadlier)

  -Chapter tests


All remote learning with be done through 'Google Classroom'.

Always feel free to contact me with   


I’m looking forward to a fantastic year! :)


The discipline plan for second grade is a ‘clip up, clip down’ chart based on a multi-tiered color system. Good behavior enables students to clip up; poor behavior choices will clip down, but students may clip back up if better behavior occurs.

Classroom Expectations

Have assignment planner signed daily.

Listen while others are talking.

Raise hand to speak.

Keep hands, feet, objects  to myself.

Follow directions.

Complete work in a timely manner.

Do not distract fellow classmates.

Show respect for others, school, and property.

Be quiet in the hallway and bathroom.

Behave appropriately during lunch, recess, church, and special classes.

The Discipline Plan Chart

Super Student- purple

Role Model - dark blue

Excellent Effort - light blue

Ready to Learn- green

Make better choices- yellow

Teacher's choice-orange

Parent contact-red


 'Ready to Learn' - Everyday each child will begin the day here and will remain there if their behavior is on task. When the students make good behavior choices,  they may clip up to the Excellent Effort, Role Model, and Super Student levels to earn rewards. Students may clip up even if they have had to clip down for any reason.

Rewards: Coupons with special privileges, candy/special snack, pencils, erasers, treasure box, extra recess/free time


'Make better choices - If an inappropriate behavior occurs, the child will clip down ( 1st tier -verbal warning) 


'Teacher's choice'- If a student chooses to behave inappropriately after a verbal warning, the student will clip down  and the teacher's choice to have partial loss of recess, discussion of behavior, parent contact note.


"Parent Contact' - If inappropriate behavior continues, the student will clip down and lose an entire recess.  

 A note detailing the poor choices will be sent home for a parent/guardian to sign and return to school the next day. 

 If any infractions occur once a student is already on the lowest tier, parent contact will be initiated by teacher via phone or email and the student will be sent down to the office to see the principal.


 Special Classes

Monday & Friday - PE  ( wear tennis shoes) - Mrs. Duncan

Tuesday & Wednesday - Music/Health-Mrs. Myers

Thursday - Religion - Ms. Lohmann

Morning Recess - 9:40 - 10:00

Lunch - 11:00-11:20 /Recess 11:20-11:50

Afternoon Recess - 1:55-2:10

Scholastic Book Club

 You will have the option to order books from the Scholastic Book Club. You can  order online or by a hard copy flyer I will send home.  Please check due dates before ordering.  If writing a check, make it out to Scholastic Book Club.

Student of the Week

When your child is Student of the Week, they will receive a special  page with information about themselves to fill out which will be hung in our classroom for the week.  You may send in photos to be displayed with it if you'd like. 

They can bring a  teacher pre-approved snack for everyone (ALL snacks must be store bought and individually wrapped)), and/or a book to be read to the class, and/or a Show and Tell  item to be shared with the class. It is their choice and all optional.

Accelerated Reader (AR)

  Your child will pick an  AR book out on their own this year.  They can choose one from home, or I will try to help them pick one out from school. Our libraries and computers are unavailable to our students because of COVID 19, so we are discussing the safest ways to handle books.


You can check the book level at  Type in the title and/or author to see if the book has an AR test. 

The level of the book is found after ' BL' under the title

They will have to take the tests at home at this point.  More details to come.


 ON SPIRIT FRIDAYS: The students may wear ANY St. Teresa shirt of

ANY COLOR with uniform bottoms.  If you do not have/wear a St. Teresa
 shirt, it must be a plain black, gold, or white shirt.