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The Whipping Boy

Before Reading: We looked at the cover of the book and read a short excerpt from the story. Then we recorded our predictions. Click here to check them out! 

We Skyped with Ms. Deyamport and discussed character traits of the two main characters, Prince Brat and Jemmy. Our discussion is below. 

After reading chapter 3 of The Whipping Boy, our class wrote newspaper articles about Prince Brat and his disappearance.

We read chapter 7 of The Whipping Boy and shared our understanding of what we read. Click here to see what we came up with. 

Our class made predictions about what we think would happen next after reading chapter 9. Check out our predictions by clicking here

After reading chapter 10, we commented on why we think the author titled the chapter the way he did and created our own titles for that chapter. Click here to read our ideas! 

We Skyped with Ms. Zaletel's class about The Whipping Boy. We shared vocabulary words in context for her students to guess their meaning. They shared "I wonder' statements and what they thought of the character, Prince Brat. Check out our conversation! 

We partnered with Ms. Deyamport's class to do a vocabulary exercise. Watch the video to see the vocabulary words we are asking them to define and use. We're looking forward to seeing what words they will share with us!