Magical Sherbet Lemon Cake - Harry Potter Time

Cake :
8oz (225g) Butter
8oz (225g) Golden caster sugar
4 Eggs
8oz (225g) Self raising flour
2 Lemons

Food colouring red and green

Inner Butter Cream :

4oz (110g) Icing sugar
1 oz (30g) Butter
Juice only from lemon
Sherbet powder ( 2 Sherbet fountains or two packets of Dib Dabs)

Outer Butter Cream :

8oz (2250g) Icing sugar
2 oz (60g) Butter
Few drops of Vanilla essence

Purple Food colouring

Holographic edible Glitters - Blue and Purple

Gold edible icing stars

Space Dust or Popping Candy

White chocolate for cake pops ( 100 g bar )

Coloured Sherbet Powder for cake pops


Preheat oven 140c/120c Fan/275F/Gas Mark 1.

Grease a dome/ 1L pyrex bowl and line bottom with baking paper, put 6 cup cake liners in a tin. This recipe is enough to
make one cake and 6 cup cakes. If you trim the dome cake, it should leave you enough crumbs for 12 cake pops too.

Remove zest from both lemons. Cream the sugar and butter together. Whisk in the eggs one at a time. Stir in the lemon zest. Fold in the flour and add the juice from one lemon.

Divide the mixture into three and add food colouring to two of the portions. Place three colours of batter into the cases or tin, take a cocktail stick and give them a good swirl.
Place in the centre of the oven. Check after 20 minutes. Remove cup cakes. Turn oven down by another 20 degrees and cook main cake for a further 40 mins. Cook until risen and a skewer comes cleanly out. Allow to cool and make icing. 
Simple butter creams – whisk soft butter, icing sugar, flavouring and colour together to form a soft spreadable icing. Add water as necessary.  For the inner lemon butter cream; the idea is to get a real tang, so we have added the juice of a large lemon and some sherbet powder. Has your face puckered up yet? Good, that is what you are after, the zing in the centre of the sherbet lemon!
Trim your dome cake to the desired shape and save the off cuts for the cake pops. Gradually crumbing the off cuts for cake pops.
Mix with a spoon full of zingy lemon butter cream and a spoon full of cream cheese. From into balls and place into fridge until firm enough to put on stick, coat with chocolate and magical sprinkles. Cake balls, not sure? click on Bakerella.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, cut the cooled cake in half and make a central hole with an apple corer. This is for your zingy, lemon cream centre just like the sherbet lemons. Spread the icing over the two halves and them pack sherbet powder onto the icing. Put
a mix of sherbet powder and icing into the central hole too. Assemble the cake and then cover in purple buttercream. A thin crumb
coat works best, chill, the follow with a second coat and add upward swirls with a fork. Sprinkle glitter and stars for magic.
The cup cakes get the same treatment with the centre cut out, filled with buttercream and sherbet powder and the centre inverted
to make a shape for a wizard hat. Cover with the purple buttercream and add swirls with a fork on both the large cake and the cupcakes. Sprinkle glitter and stars for magic.
Also, known as 'space dust' in the UK, this candy/ sweet gives a popping sensation in the mouth as it reacts with moisture. Mix some with the glitter and sprinkle it over the cakes at the last moment and round the edge of the large cake to serve up with a slice. Put the space dust in the mini cases the cake pops are drying in . Cover the cake balls in coloured  chocolate, some coloured sherbet powder and put them on top of the popping candy in the cases. Return pops to fridge to firm up again.