Big Butterbeer Cake and Butter Beer Fizz

Ingredients :

Cake :

225g  (8oz) Butter

225g  (8oz) Soft brown sugar
4 Large eggs
275g  (10oz) Self raising flour
2 tbsp Caramel Syrup
2 tsp Butterscotch flavouring

¾ cup American Cream Soda

Optional – You can add 4 oz butterscotch chips at this point

Butterscotch Centre:

110g  (4oz) Icing sugar
2 oz (30g) Butter
110g  (4oz) White chocolate with butterscotch flavouring or butterscotch chips

Cream Frosting Topping:

1 Sachet Birds Dream Topping

Milk to mix

Vanilla Butternut to taste

4oz (110g) Icing sugar
1 oz (30g) Butter



Preheat oven 140c/120c Fan/275F/Gas Mark 1.

Cream the sugar and butter together. Whisk in the caramel syrup and butterscotch essence then the eggs, one at a time.
Fold in half the flour. Stir in the cream soda. Add the rest of the flour and the butterscotch chips if desired. Divide into
two sandwich tins. You can weigh each one to make sure you have the same weight of mixture in both, for two even bakes.

Place in the centre of the oven. Check after 20 minutes. Cook until risen and a skewer comes cleanly out. Allow to cool

and make icings. 


For the butterscotch centre and the cream frosting topping make up the sachet of Dream Topping but put in slightly less

milk for a slightly stiffer consistency. Put to one side.

Gently whisk butter, and icing sugar together. Add and stir in two spoonfuls of the Dream Topping. Melt the butterscotch

chips and combine with the icing. Spread on one cake half and place other cake half on top.


For the topping mix the butter, icing sugar and butternut essence until a stiff paste is produced. Gradually stir in the rest

of the Dream Topping and spread over the top of the cake. It is possible to cover the sides as well but this a quite a wet

 topping to mimic the frothy beer topping and does make it tricky, if rather fun, to pick up. Finally, sprinkle with edible

gold dust.


Butter Beer  Fizz




1 can of American cream soda per person

1 tbsp caramel syrup per can

½ tsp Butterscotch essence (Preema brand) per can or a few drops of LorAnn Vanilla Butternut flavouring . I found the

LorAnn butterscotch had too chemical overtones


Optional Topping :


Dream Topping and milk to mix

2 tbsp Cream soda* (Save some from the  main beer mix if you are not using large quantities)

½ tsp Vanilla Butternut essence




Combine most of the soda* and the syrups and essence in a glass.  For a ‘slushie’ version as served in the park, use a plastic

 cup or your Hogwart’s Butterbeer Mug and put in the freezer for an hour before serving. Stir half an hour in to break up ice



Make up Dream topping with milk according to the directions on the sachet and mix in the butternut essence. Lighten by

 adding a two tbsp of soda and float/place on top of beer.