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Fourth Graders Have An  A . I . R .  About Them
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  • Tuesday, March 20th I'm going to post this later tonight, I want to get on the road and head home
    Posted by Michelle Moore
  • Monday, March 19th Well, we have made it through two days of Terra Nova, and they have done FANTASTIC! Friday was In-View and they worked through questions that measured their ability to problem solve and think outside the box. Today was reading. They worked through two of the testing sections, took a break, and completed the final two sections. As students finish I encourage them to do something to destress and relax a bit. This could be reading, coloring intricately patterned pictures that I've given to them, and many of them are working on the illustrations for their cause and effect storybooks. They are encouraged when there is 5 minutes left to go back and double check that all questions were ...
    Posted Mar 19, 2018, 1:14 PM by Michelle Moore
  • Thursday, March 15th I'm posting this a little later then usual for my daily write-up due to a meeting. Today was a quick day due to the Middle School Club schedule. This was actually helpful, as it allowed for us to get in the rest of our Terra Nova practice this afternoon. Today we worked through the practice for the In-View these are sets of sequencing, analogies, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning questions to test their ability to problem solve and think outside the box. We worked through small sections and students were able to ask questions after we went over answers to understand why their answer was wrong. To start our afternoon, I had the kids do a short ...
    Posted Mar 15, 2018, 1:51 PM by Michelle Moore
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