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Link to Secondary II Honors Current Unit: 
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Link to Precalculus Current Unit:
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Mathematical Decision Making:
Mathematical Decision Making Videos 
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I teach the following math classes at Lone Peak High School:

 A Day Classes B Day Classes
 A1: Sec II Honors B5: Precalculus
 A2: Math Decision Making B6: Math Decision Making
 A3: Sec II Honors B7: Prep
 A4: Sec II Honors B8: Precalculus

Email: AdamRSmith@alpinedistrict.org

The disclosure document for your class are here:

On Mr. Smith's Classroom Website you will find lots of resources to help you learn about math. I have created lots of unique learning activities that will hopefully give you a bright new perspective of math. Click on any of the links to the left to start your exploration.
I graduated from UVU in April 2016 and am excited to teach!

Some interesting things about me:

    I have been singing and dancing most of my life and I also play the piano. 
        Pretty unusual for a math teacher, huh?
    I've worked for over five years at a drafting company making 3D models for construction.
    I have a deep abiding love for science fiction, especially Star Trek.
    I really like reading from a good book before I go to bed each night.

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