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posted Nov 9, 2011, 1:04 PM by Tammy Melcher   [ updated ]

Daily Geography trivia: If you were traveling from Mississippi to South Carolina what are the state capitals you would pass through?
The kids practiced writing sentences and questions correctly and then we reviewed vowels with a song. Groups of 3 read the class, When I Get Up in the Morning and then we reviewed the ng and nk sounds with activities on the Smartboard. I introduced the decodable story, Big Bing to help review the ng sound even more. I read it, the Smartboard read it and then they had to read it. We had discussion and then did some word work with the stories 2 new sight words: do  but.
Everyone had fun in Gym.
The students created sentences using their Spelling words and then got in groups of 3 to see if their partners could chose which Spelling word they used in each sentence.
During Flex time we discussed stories being fiction or nonfiction and still worked on quotation marks.
I introduced the picture cards for each Vocabulary word and we had a short discussion using the words.
During Math, the kids wrote about patterns and then we worked on making pictures and a number model for math stories. We reviewed parts/parts/total problems and then did some work with finding the difference. They partnered up to play the difference game before going home.


posted Aug 29, 2011, 2:09 PM by Tammy Melcher   [ updated ]

The PBIS rollout the school will be concentrating on for April is all about being responsible. I hope you can help your child remember to be responsible at home and fill in their baseball sheet we sent home.
Tuesday, April 7---P.T.A. meeting--6:30
Wednesday, April 8--Early dismissal--1:15

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