3rd Grade Plant Growth and Development Vocabulary


Word Definition
abdomen The part of an insect's body that is opposite of the head.
alike Acting or looking the same.
anther The male part of a plant - produces pollen.
bee An insect that collects nectar and helps move pollen.
bee stick The toothpick that was used with the bee.
brainstorm Share ideas on a topic.
Brassica rapa The Wisconsin Fast Plants.
bud The beginning part of a flower before it blooms.
centimeter A unit of length in the metric system.
chlorophyll A substance in plants that absorbs light and uses its energy to make food.  It gives green plants their color.
communicate To share information through speaking, writing or drawing.
compare To look at two or more things to see how they are alike or different.
cotyledon A thick leaf in the seeds of a plant that provides food until the plant can begin to make its own food.  Seed Leaf.
cross-pollination When the pollen is moved from the male part of one flower to the female part of another flower.
crucifer The name of a large family of plants.  The Wisconsin Fast Plant is part of this family.
data Information
describe To use words to explain how something looks, feels or acts.
different Not the same.
dormancy A period of rest or inactivity.
embryo The tiny, undeveloped plant found in a seed.
experiment A procedure that is carried out to investigate a scientific question.
fair test A test that compare two or more things by keeping everything the same except the thing that is being compared.
fertilization The process that occurs when pollen reaches the egg in the ovary of a plant.
flower The reproductive organ of a plant.
germination The process by which a seed swells up, begins to sprout and develops a stem and roots.
graph A diagram used to show the relationship between things.
growth spurt A time when growth is particularly fast.
guess To give an idea about something you are not sure of.
harvest To remove the seeds from a plant.
head The part of an insect's body that is opposite of the abdomen.
investigate To study something closely and in an organized way.
leaf A flat part of a plant; usually grows off the stem.
length The distance from one end of something to the other.
life cycle The stages that an organism goes through from the time it is formed to its death.
measure To find out the length, size, weight or volume of something.
nectar A sweet liquid made by some flowers.
observe To use your senses to study something closely.
ovary The part of the pistil in which seeds form.
ovule A part of the flower that is found inside the ovary.  If it is fertilized, it becomes a seed.
pattern A repeating arrangement of shapes, colors, numbers, or other things.
petal A brightly colored part of a flower.
photosynthesis The process by which green plants, in the presence of light, make food out of carbon dioxide and water.
pistil The female part of a flower that is made up of the stigma, style and ovary.
plant A living thing that usually has roots and cannot move from place to place.  Most also make their own food.
plot To locate a point or points on a graph.
pod The part of a plant that surrounds the seeds.
pollen A fine, usually yellow, dust that is produced in the anther and is used to fertilize the seeds of a plant.
pollination The process by which pollen is moved from the stamen to the pistil of a flower.
procedure A set of steps that tells how to do something.
predict To say what you think is going to happen.
property Something about an object that helps tell what it is.
root A plant part that grows down into soil.  They absorb nutrients and water for the plant.
same Alike, not different.
seed The structure formed when a pollen grain fertilizes an ovule.
seed coat The protective covering of a seed.
seed leaf The part of a seed that stores food for the seedling to use when it begins to grow; cotyledon.
seedling A very young plant.
seed scar A spot on a seed that shows where it was attached to the parent plant.
senses Touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.
shape The form of an object.
shoot The part of the plant that is above ground - the stem and leaves, new growth on a plant.
size A measurement of how big something is.
stamen The male part of a flower that consists of the anther and filament.
stem The part of a plant that supports the leaves, fruit or flowers.
stigma The sticky top of the pistil; it receives the pollen.
thinning The process of removing some plants to make room for others to grow better.
thorax The middle part of an insect's body; between the head and the abdomen.
tool An object used to do a task.
transplant To move a plant to another location.
true leaves Leaves that can make food through photosynthesis.
unit A fixed quantity used as a standard of measurement.
weight A measurement of how heavy something is.