May 13-17

Book Clubs were a success!!!  Everyone did great and we all had fun!!!  I’m so proud of them.  They have really learned so much this year! 

Next week we will be learning about a different ocean animal every day.  All of our reading, math, and science will be about these animals.  This is a nice relaxing way to end out the year when we will be having so many disruptions in our schedule and let’s be honest….the kids need a break!  They’ve worked so hard and I want their final week or two with me to be one they’ll look back on and remember happily!  In honor of our ocean unit, I’ve told the

kids they can bring ANY stuffed ocean animal to keep here at school for the duration of the year. (If they don’t have any ocean animal, a zoo animal is fine.  I want everyone to

have a friend. )

We are done with Italy and next week we will begin our final trip to South Africa!!  I can’t believe how fast our Traveling Suitcase Unit went!!!  It always does!  You will be amazed at all of the goodies inside their suitcases when you see!!!  I’m hoping to send them home next week on Friday, but with Critter Day we may not get them packed up!

May 15 – School Picnic

May 17 -– Critter Day – Volunteer info coming home early next week!

May 20 - Zoo Field Trip

May 28 – Last day of school!  Dismiss at 11:00