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Social Studies

                         50 Nifty United States!

This year we will be learning all about the United States of America, region by region! We begin our journey by brushing up on our map and globe skills. Then will will figure out how all of these people got here. Click on each unit to find out more!

Exploring Regions of the United States

                                   The Peopling of the United States

We will "tour" the 5 different regions of the United States to learn more about our great country. In each region, we stop at many famous landmarks, cities, and attractions. We travel by train, by bus, by airplane, and even by riverboat. As we travel, we collect souvenirs from each city or landmark to add to the scrapbook we are creating along the way. (A special thank you to Beth Newingham for developing these fabulous scrapbook pages and resources.)

The Northeast Region

The Southeast Region    

The Midwest Region

The Southwest Region         

The West Region

Can you name the 5 Regions of the United States?

There are tons of great websites to learn all about our beautiful Country from sea to shining sea and beyond.....

Additional Resources:
1. 50 States Interactive Map - Learner
2. US Landforms
3. US Rivers
4. State Websites
5. Ocean County Library State resources. Tons of info!!!
6. Purpose Games- Northeastern States
7. Purpose Games Southeastern States
8. Purpose Games Midwestern States
9. Purpose Games Southwestern States
10. Purpose Games Western Region (Sorry Alaska and Hawaii are missing!)
11. Every Kid in a Park   Click here to sign up for FREE National Park admission for the entire year!!

Current Events:   
It's important to stay up-to-date on the latest news! Check out these websites to find out what is happening in the world today!
Scholastic's Top News Stories

Primary Sources: 

1. Pledge of Allegiance
2. 100 Milestone Documents
3. Library of Congress - American Memory  Photographs and Documents
4. U.S. Historical Census Data A primary source containing state, county, and immigration information from the1790 to 1960 census.
5. U.S. Census Bureau  A primary source for current data.