Mrs. Marion's Kindergarten Grade class

Mrs. Marion's
Kindergarten Class

Upcoming Events
November 22nd....Thanksgiving feast
December 9th....Grandparents Day
December 19th...Gingerbread Man Play
December 20th...Christmas Centers

What will We Learn This Week?
 This week we will explore several versions of the Gingerbread Man.  We will Compare stories and we will complete several projects with these stories.  We will begin Our Gingerbread rehearsals.    

Please check out this weeks homework by clicking on the homework tab in the upper left hand corner!

Later this year!!
Once your child has met their goal on letters and sounds:
Your child will begin taking home a book bag.  These bags will need to go home and then be returned to class each day.  Your child needs to read this book each day.  I will then read the book with your child in class each day.  If a student does not have their book bag at school each day they will have to lower their clip.  Thank you for helping your child


 This website was designed to enhance student learning beyond the classroom.  Throughout the site you will find valuable web sites to help with homework. Important notices will be displayed as well as a link for independent study work.  I hope that you use this as a valuable tool to help with your child's academic success. 
Letter Teams
Please review these daily when reading
ee, th, er, ch, oo, wh, ce, ci, ow, ou, ing, ay, aw, au, ar, igh, oy, oi, ur, ir, ge, gi, ink, kn, ew, ough, ed, wor, tion, ck, ang, ank, ong, onk, qu, wr, ph, ai, oa, ea, oe, ui, 
ey, tch, dge, eigh, ear

Simple tips to help your child learn

Please allow time for reading each day. Each child should be read to and read with each day. (20 minutes recommended)
Please continue to review numbers to 30. Students should be able to recognize and write their numbers to 30. Once they master this, have them recognize and write their numbers to 100.

Please continue to work with your child each day by writing their name using a capital letter at the begining of the name and lower case letters to follow. If they have mastered this, have them write their last name and middle name.
Each student can practice their upper and lower case letters. If they have this mastered, have them write a sentence. If this is easy, have them begin writing stories with a begining, middle and end.
Any story that your child writes can be brought into class and shared. They will get something special as well for taking initiative for learning and for being brave.