Office and Craft Room
I'ts an office, it's a craft space, throw in an inflatable bed and it's a guest room!



Living Room




Master Bedroom


Master Bathroom


Guest Bathroom


Office/Craft Room




Crafts and DIY


Seasonal Decor

So this is the desk and file cabinet. Floating shelves for supplies, still a work in progress.


We got rid of our futon and put in this table and chair set that is older than dirt. I painted the chairs, the table is next. I do like my palm tree table cloth though.


This is my craft area. I got the wall storage idea from Better Homes & Gardens and it's been great for organizing my random stuff. Knitting has taken over.


This is a closeup of my craft table, when it's not covered with knitting and unframed embroidery, you can actually get to the stuff stored under the plexiglass tabletop.



And my craft closet. This half is craft supplies, the other half is bridesmaid dresses.