Crafts and DIY
I love being creative and buying craft supplies, here's what I do with them.



Living Room




Master Bedroom


Master Bathroom


Guest Bathroom


Office/Craft Room




 Seasonal Decor


Christmas DIY




 I was tired of my fuzzy purple sock and I really liked the velvet and rhinestone ones from Pottery Barn. But I was so disappointed when I saw them because the velvet wasn't that great and the rhinestones were made of plastic. So, I bought a white velvet stocking at Target ($9.99) and I decorated it with heat-set rhinestones I bought on Ebay a few years ago for another project. I love it and it only took about 30 minutes to make.




 Year Round DIY


Beaded Coasters

I bought tubes of sead beads, threaded them onto super thin Tiger Tail (nylon thread) and carefully stitched them onto good-quality white felt. Time consuming but worth it!
The "sweat" from your glass falls through the beads and is absorbed by the felt below.


Recycled T-shirts


I recently bought a book called Alabama Stitch Book and have been using it to recycle and create new things from my old t-shirts. Here are the first few projects I've made. I'm working on a tablecloth now.

Headband- reverse applique and beading


Cherry Blossom T- reverse applique, applique and beading


Painted Furniture

This chair and table set (in office) was around when my dad was a kid. It's mine now, so I painted it black. I really like how it looks. Next I am going to do the table. Then I'm going to make felted chair pads.



Felted Cat Bed

My current obsession is knitting. I knitted this bed for the cats, then I felted it (washed in hot water).  And now the cats are destroying it, but I'm OK with that.

Oh, and this is my cute new knitting bag, I got it at Michael's.


So I made another knitted project, but it's not for the cats. I made this shrug from a book called Fitted Knits. It came out pretty well, but I'd like to make another one with long sleeves.

It's knitted from merino wool which is very soft and not itchy at all. It's not cheap, but it's nice for a small project.