Mrs. Majkrzak's Home Page

Welcome to my Saint Philip Preparatory School Web-Site.
My name is Mrs. Majkrzak and I am the computer teacher at Saint Philip Preparatory School. I have worked for the Diocese of Patterson teaching computers for the past 20 years. This is my ninth year at Saint Philip Preparatory School and I am enjoying it and the students a great deal.

Students at SPPS in grades Pre-K through the eighth grade receive computer instruction once a week. Students in grades 4-8 will need a  flash drive at least 2 gigs, that will stay in the computer lab to save their work on; it will be given back at the end of the school year.

SPS has a modern computer lab with 28 dell computers that are networked and online through our school server which uses a high speed cable connection. Our school server has a firewall that uses sonicwall web filtering to make sure our students are safe and can not access any inappropriate web information. SPPS also has a wireless network throughout the entire school so we can use the internet anywhere in our school. . SPPS has additional up to date technology devices used by the students and teachers, such as kindles, chrome books, smart boards, digital projectors, computer scanners, network printers, digital cameras, elmo's, digital video cameras, photo and video editing programs, as well as classroom educational programs. 

I am very proud of our technology program and the equipment at our school. The students are very fortunate, to be able to utilize so much available up to date technology on a daily basis.

If you need to contact me my email box is please allow a day or two for a response.

Dear Parents and Students:

We are sure you are all aware of the recent fire in our school. Please be assured that all staff and students are safe, and no one was harmed by this unfortunate event. It is our understanding that the fire was contained to the Kaleidoscope wing, however until the fire investigation and all safety inspections are completed we will be unable to return to the building. During this challenging time we trust in our faith and turn to God for hope and healing. We look beyond the now and work towards supporting our students and all members of our school community.

We would like to reassure you that St. Philip Prep School will continue to provide our students with academic instruction and excellence. As an intermediate school team, including Kaleidoscope and special teachers, we have been collaborating and will continue to work together to provide all of our students with a learning experience that will enhance what we have provided in the classroom.

Due to the unusual circumstances all quarterly exams are cancelled for the second marking period. This will not affect the students’ final grades or overall averages. We will continue to assess students to assure that all benchmarks are met, and students will be prepared for Iowa testing.

Each day from Tuesday the 16th through Friday the 19th there will be assignments posted in Google Classroom or on the teacher’s website. Students are to log in frequently throughout the day to check for ongoing work and assignments. The due date for each assignment will be noted in the instructions for that assignment. Please pay careful attention to the due dates for each individual assignment. Your child will have until 11:59PM on the day that the assignment is due to post or submit his/her work. After that time, the assignment will be considered late. If you are having issues with the work, please do not wait until the due date has passed. Contact the teacher immediately to try to find an alternative solution.

Each assignment is designed to be completed by the student on his/her own. Please allow time for your child to complete the assignments each day and to post or submit them. Completion of assignments daily is critical to keep your child moving forward and meeting necessary benchmarks. Teachers will be monitoring Classroom and their email or Dojo accounts should you or your student have questions.

Computer classes and other special areas - please see the website for each teacher on the day that your child would be participating in that class. For example if your child has computers on Wednesday, then on Wednesday your child’s assignment will be posted. Please pay careful attention to which day of the week we are on and what your child’s schedule is.

We are lucky to have this advanced technology available to us, and that our students are truly members of the 21st century learning community! This new learning experience will enhance their education and challenge them toward new academic pathways in learning.

We are fortunate to be a part of this faith-filled community and look forward to seeing you and your children back at school soon!

Mrs. Higgins, Ms., Licciardi, Mrs. Perdek, Mrs. Blake, Mrs. Majkrzak 

Computer assignments will be listed under the homework section on the left menu bar.