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Newsletter- February 26, 2013

Monterey Bay Aquarium Field Trip: Our field trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium is Tuesday, March 6th. Look for the Field Trip Permission Form which will come home with Monday’s homework. Please return them as soon as you are able. Note: While the cafeteria will provide a lunch for your child, you will be asked to pay the cost of a daily cafeteria provided meal. We generally find that even students who enjoy eating in the cafeteria every day, like the chance to bring a specially packed lunch. Students who bring their lunch are asked to put it in a bag that is labeled with their name.

Students will need to be at school before 8:00 AM on the morning of the field trip. All students will return to school by 3:00 PM. Please plan accordingly.

Marine Animal Report: The Marine Animal Report is due on Wednesday. While we will make a schedule for students to present their reports, all reports and dioramas should come to school on Wednesday. Students who require their report to practice their oral presentation may take them home to use and return them to school for grading when they do their presentation.

All projects should follow the guidelines for the cover, illustrations, section headings, and bibliography.

Just in case: all project information and handouts can be found and downloaded on the left-hand navigation bar at “Here’s Where to Find Things You Might Need.”

Parent-Teacher Conferences begin March 12th: Soon we will have the opportunity to sit and talk about how your student is doing in third grade and to set goals for the final term. Please sign up for time to meet by visiting the wiki at:

Class Visitor: Knus is visiting with families and has already had many interesting experiences visiting American homes. Please let me know if your student would like to invite him to your home.

Thoughts: I recently came across a clipping I had cut out when Colleen was young. It is credited to Dorothy W.Canto and Toni Bernay, authors of Women in Power: The Secrets of Leadership. I thought I’d share it with you.

6 Messages to Get Though to Your Kids

1.    You are loved.

2.    Your are special.

3.    You can accomplish anything you want.

4.    Sometimes it's necessary to take risks to accomplish something you want.

5.    You can be independent, set goals, and stand up for what you believe in.

6.    You are entitled to dream of greatness

Science-O-Rama: This year's school science fair will be held on April 25th. While the science fair is mandatory for upper grade students, it is optional for third graders. If your student would like to participate, you can find more information

District Writing Faire: The District Writing Faire will be on April 19th. Students entries are due by April 6th.  Entries are voluntary. While students will be allowed to work on their writing in class, most of the work will need to be done at home.  Please ask your student to let me know if they plan to enter a book.

Student Blog: Students are beginning to use the class iPod to record math lessons. A few have been posted on their blog pages. Please remember to stop by the Student Blog to see them.

You can also share the link with family and friends from around the world who might like to see samples of your student's work.

What We are Doing in Class:

Language Arts:
Students practiced descriptive writing. They learned about similes and practiced writing a few.

We are working on test prep. Many students are doing well and we are taking the opportunity to review those skills students are unsure of.

Students continue reading Charlotte’s Web. We continued to focus on vocabulary and reading comprehension as we read the story.

Language Arts Rotation in Room 12: In an effort to complete all our anthology stories, we will begin reading one each week. This will not give us as much time for students to engage in self-directed activities. I believe students enjoyed the chance to learn how to chose projects of interest to themselves and how to begin to work collaboratively.

Math Website of the Week: Division Bingo

Math: We have finished up the multiplication unit. Many students did very well, with over 10 having a perfect score on the final assessment – well done! And thank you so much for helping your student on the practice-skills homework. All the extra work and effort paid off!

We now move into long division. Those students with a better command of multiplication facts will do better.

Students did a very good job at compatible numbers to estimate. Instead of rounding a number to the nearest ten or hundred, you use multiples of a number to “round to.” For example, when dividing 467 by 7, you would think of it as 497, since 46 is close to 49, and 7 goes into 49 easily.

We next tackle multiple-digit dividends divided by single-digit divisors. This process is all about learning and memorizing the steps involved – often done by practice, practice, practice.

We continue to move through the customary measurement math unit. Most students have learned which form of measurement to use for a situation. It is the conversion that some students are still having difficulty with. Eg, How many quarts are in 3 gallons?

Computers: We have spent our last session on the Spider PowerPoint. This is a great project for differentiation. While many students were able to enter all their information and pictures, some students even learned to add a slide background, transitions, and animation. Most students were able to store their project on their flash drive. Ask your student to show their project to you.


This week, students will have the opportunity to explore the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s website as we prepare for our field trip.

Art Vista: Thank you to Tanya Kruse and Yvette Marchand for presenting another Art Vista lesson. Students were asked to interpret the music they were listening to and to drew pictures to represent their thinking.

Students are learning the rhythm and song that will be part of their spring recital on Thursday, March 22nd, at 6:30pm in the cafeteria. Please plan to be there.

Rhythm and Moves: Thanks to the Home and School Club students will have a 30 minute P.E. lesson every Friday for the next 10-12 weeks. They had a wonderful time during their first lesson which mostly focused on cardio exercises.