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Rules and Expectations

Class begins and ends with courtesy.
    --Enter the classroom at the beginning of the day with a greeting and a smile.
    --When you leave the classroom for the day, say goodbye, give high fives, etc.
Actions have consequences.
    --Your actions are your choice. 
    --Making good choices will earn rewards.
We lead by example.
    --This is known as INTEGRITY.
    --Do what you know is right, even when no one is looking.
We are responsible.
    --You are in control of yourself.
    --No excuses.  No blaming others.
Therefore, there is no excuse for bad manners.
    --Bad manners will not be tolerated.
What does Mrs. Luzader expect from her students?  (Behavior)
Responsibility:  YOU are responsible for YOU!
        --Have all your supplies every day:  textooks, binder, assignment book, journal, pencils,
           erasers, and paper.   
Positive Attitudes:  Belive that you CAN and WILL succeed!
        --Instead of saying, "I can't!", ask questions, keep trying, until you can say, "I did it!"
Respect:  Respect your peers, your teachers, and the property of
        --Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, compassion, and empathy.
        --Remember, you do not know what others are going through in their personal live.  
What does Mrs. Luzader expect from her students? (Work)
If you don't have time to do it right the first time, you must have time to do it again!
        --No Name papers that are not claimed = No Credit
        --Be proud enough of your work to put your name on it!
        --Not legible = loss of points
        --If you do not follow directions or do not complete your work neatly, you will either 
          be asked to do it again or you will lose points.
I expect your personal best, EVERY TIME!
        --If you look at your work and say, "It's good enough.", I guarantee it is NOT good
              --I expect you to give 100% every time and turn in work you are proud of!
What should my students expect from me?
I will be firm, but fair.
I DO enforce the school dress code.
Expect comments on graded papers.  This shows you that I DO carefully grade your work.
Not all assignments will be for a grade.  HOWEVER, you should treat every assignment as if it IS for a grade.
Graded papers will be returned within one week of the date they were due.
I will give you MY personal best every time, every day.
I make mistakes, too.  I am human. 
Good enough is NEVER good enough!