Welcome Back

I hope everyone had a relaxing summer and is ready to get back to work.  We have an exciting trimester ahead of us.  Technology is soon becoming a constant in the world around us.  Everything we see, do, hear, taste, and touch involves technology.  Every second new web pages are being built and new technologies are being discovered.  I look forward to working with you as we learn these new tools together.

6th/7th Integrated Technology

Integrated Technology is an introductory computer class designed to teach students the basics of computer systems, hardware, connections, keyboarding, and the application of Microsoft Office products.  Students will gain knowledge about computer ethics, how computers work, hardware components, and most importantly how to use computers to assist learning in other content areas.  This is a one trimester long elective class.  Students will take this class either in the 6th or 7th grade for one trimester only.  We have a lot to learn and a short time to cover it all so be ready to work hard and learn a lot.

8th Grade Multimedia Mania
Multimedia is an advanced technology class where students create multimedia projects such as a school newscast, announcements, and videos.  Students learn how to manage files created using multimedia tools such as video camera, digital camera, scanner, microphone, music, and Visual Communicator.  This is a project based class and most assignments are completed by groups.