Welcome to Mrs Levy's Classroom Website! On this site, it will be easy for students and parents to keep up to date with important information regarding your history class! Students are required to visit the site in order to access supplemental materials as well as participate in a United States History and World History weekly blog for extra credit. The links to the left bring parents and students to their classroom website where they can find class documents, primary sources, extraordinary educational media, an interactive classroom blog, and much more.

Under class resources, parents and students will be able to access a class calendar and see classroom announcements for their particular class; which usually consist of important reminders for assignments and important upcoming dates. There is also a reading list, which details interesting books to supplement one's curiosity in United States History and World History. The last classroom resource is a site that contains "useful links," that include historical, educational, and practical information for all students.

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Friday Emails for US I
This week we began discussing the causes for the Revolutionary War.  Students got back their projects and wrote essays on whether the colonists were justified in declaring war or not.  They learned how to do a 3 point thesis and a 5 paragraph essay!  Elvin Herrara added amazing comments in class, was especially helpful, and Zachary Suarez was also a superstar this week. Kristan Galvez worked really hard this week and contributed meaningfully to our class. Norda's positive attitude and Diomar's perceptive comments inspired the entire class to work hard. Thanks again to all my students for making this week another wonderful success!
Friday Emails for World History
This week had a test on the Renaissance and Reformation, and began learning about the Muslim World! This week's superstar is Justin Reichert who contributed meaningfully to class discussion and was a huge support to our entire class.  Keep it up!  Thanks again to all my students for making this week another wonderful success!