Welcome to Mrs. Lesniak's Physical Science class!!

 Click here to access the Lab Write-up Form if you no longer have your paper copy.  Scroll down to documents and open the "Physical Science Lab Write-Up Form".

Select 2 pieces of work from this semester that you are proud of.  You will enter them into your eportfolio under Freshmen Science.  These can either be inserted or attached and can be an electronically typed assignment/lab or a picture of something you've done.  You will then need to write a brief reflection answering the following questions for each piece.

1.  Why did you select this work?

2.  How does this work represent you?

3.  How does this work represent what we have done in Physical Science thus far?

4.  If you were to do this work again, what would you change or improve on?  Why?

Some possible pieces of work you can use include:

Semester 1:

  • M&M lab report

  • Physical / Chemical presentation

  • Phase Change/Ice Melt Lab

  • Fruit Loops Bonding

  • anything else you are proud of