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Third Grade Rocks!

I will be guiding our third grade class so they slowly learn how to research, pull out information from the text, write about it, and learn to become independent readers, authors, and learners! Our class will learn how to make their own PowerPoint and/or Keynote presentations and work with
Google Docs and Word or Pages.
Learning keyboarding skills is essential for 21st Century learners. What is your favorite website or program?

Just think: all state testing (beginning with third grade in the Spring) is now done by typing on the computer! Try Dancemat Typing

How can you help your child the first month of school? Make sure your child knows the multiplication tables without pausing.

When you are in the car, you can say, "What's 7 x 8?"  "What's 6 x 4?" If every day you help drill your child 3 or 4 different times tables until your child knows it quickly, your child will do so much better in math!

Thanks for your support! We are working together to have a great year of fun, learning, growth, and creativity!

Francie Kugelman (Mrs. K)

2018-2019 School Year!

It is time to review math facts from second grade! The coins and money lessons and telling time lessons on a clock are second grade skills. Many children needed to practice this important skill, so we will be using handouts this week instead of the third grade math book  because it does not have money worksheets.

Your child can practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing.
Right now we will focus on adding and subtracting as our review of second grade skills continues.

Watch Mrs. K's fifth grade students
from a few years ago
in a movie online!

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