Look What We're Doing!

After learning about what a community is, I asked the kids to tell me things or places that we might find in our community. This is what they came up with!
Parks, School, Casey's, Kwik Star, Restaurants, Average Joe's, Telephone Company, Spahn and Rose, Police Station, Post Office, Banks, Church, City Hall, Grocery Store, Houses, Grass, Trees, Library, Cars, Fire Station, Doctor's Office, Hotel, Dairy Kone, Bucketz, Legacys and Joe's Pizza!
Some of our FAVORITE things about school are..... 

Playing, playing outside, snack time, playing with friends, going to lunch, playing inside, playing outside, PE, Playing on the i pad, playing with tub toys, playing at centers, reading books, going to the library and singing songs!

What are YOU thankful for?
Dylan "My toys"
Davis "My family"
Melissa "My house"
Londyn "My mom, my dad and my big sister"
Maddox "My friend Jaxon and my Skylanders"
Garrett "My bed"
Gavin "My animals"
Kelsey "My cousins and my brothers"
Madison "My family, my puppy and my teacher"
Emry "My family, my teachers and my bed"
Natalie "My house and Minnie Mouse"
Ross "Snacks"
Lila "My whole class"
Kaison "Video games"
Layla "My dogs"
Bella "My family, my dog and my teacher"
Kayden "My mom"
Cade "My friend Gavin"
Addisyn "My teacher"

My FAVORITE kind of apple is:
  Red: Melissa, Dylan, Emry, Layla, Davis, Addisyn, Ross, Lila, Kayden, Bella, Maddox, Ms. Jessy              
Yellow: Natalie, Kelsey, Mrs. Krivanek       
Green: Cade, Madison, Kaison, Londyn, Garrett, Gavin, Mrs. Funke

"While we try to teach children all about life, they teach us what life is all about."