About Me
Hello, I am very excited to be teaching Pre-k and getting to know your children this year.  A little bit about myself.  I originally hail from Pennsylvania.  Thanks to the Army I have lived in six different states since marrying my husband Joe.  We have 2 beautiful children who attend Holy Family.  Prior to having children, I was a practicing attorney.  However, since having children I have devoted my time to raising them, and for the last several years I have volunteered and worked in preschools.  I was an Aide in Pre-k last year at HFS and prior to that I was a regular substitute teacher for grades preschool 2's through kindergarten in South Carolina. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, reading and traveling.

I believe a classroom should be a safe and nurturing environment and I hope to instill a love of learning in each of my students.  My desire is for them to know that learning is fun!!  I am looking forward to a great school year!

If you need to contact me, please email me at prek@holyfamilylacey.com or calling the office at (360) 491- 7060.  I will check my email daily.

Weekly Educational Objectives:  Each week we will be reading from a children's bible so that each child will have completed the bible by the end of the school year.  We will also continue working on tracing and writing our names.


Week 1-Healthy Eating and body
Alphabet Review 

This week our theme will revolve around healthy eating and body.  The kids will learn about good food choices and the importance of a healthy diet for a healthy body.   We will enjoy a day of fruit and vegetable sampling and logging our favorites on a graph for science.  The kids will get to wear a paper bag digestive system for science that includes lungs, the esophagus, heart stomach and intestines.

We will continue to review the alphabet a letter a day (O-S) as well as begin to put the sounds together to build CVC (consonant/vowel/consonant) words such as sit, sat, big, and bag.

Mass on Wednesday at 11:00.
Jog-a-thon on Friday at 10:15-all are welcome.

Week 2- Mother's Day
Number 20
This week we will focus on all things related to Moms.  In Social Studies will will discuss the different roles of Moms and what they do for us on a daily basis. We continue to review the alphabet (T-X) and work on CVC words.  Our Religion theme will focus Mary, the Mother to us all.

Week 3-Favorites
This week our theme will focus on the kids favorites.  We will try reduplicate some of the kids favorites that we did this year.  It maybe some science experiments, opening and doing certain centers activities, face painting and general fun!

May Crowning on the 16th.
Long Lake Park field trip, weather permitting.  

Week 4: Patriotic Theme

This week our theme will focus on a Patriotic theme.  We will really work on letter and number recognition and work on simple addition problems.  We will continue to work on CVC words and use our word wheels.  The kids will have fun working on Patriotic themed crafts.

Week 5:  All about Dad

This week we will work on all things Dad related.  We will focus on Joseph for a Religion theme.  We will enjoy doing crafts and projects related to Dads.  Things will definitely winding down this week and just continue reviewing what we have learned throughout this year.

Mass this week. 


Week 1:  Hooray, we are off to Kindergarten

We will focus on having a great time together and enjoying and feeling blessed for the year we have spent together.  We will have our end of the year party this week.  Our theme will focus on kindergarten ad the fun of summer.

The jog-a-thon is the first week of May, please feel free to join us for this fun event.
May Crowning on May 16th.