write nows unit 2

Language Arts: Unit Two Write Now

Page 163 Prompt: Throughout the Universe, information is laid out in a logical sequence.  Think about an imaginary “space food.” Now write directions for making your new dish.



Page 189 Prompt: Dinosaur Ghosts presents many hypotheses for the disappearance of the dinosaurs.  Think about a scientific mystery that interests you.  Now write a hypothesis and results essay to prove or disapprove the idea.



Page 216 Prompt: In A Week in the 1800s, a group of students experience life in the 1800s.  Think about how your life today is different from life in the 1800s.  Now write a friendly letter to a person your age living in the 1800s.



Page 239 Prompt: Good-bye to the Moon is a science fiction fantasy about a boy who lives on the Moon.  Think about a fictional character from another time and place. Now write an interview with that person.



Page 263 Prompt: Egypt explains the nature of ancient Egyptian culture. Think about an important place that you would show to a visitor from another era.  Now write two or three paragraphs explaining what this place says about your culture.