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trading card project expectations

Quarter 2

Independent Reading Project

Trading Card


       After reading an approved non-fiction book of choice, students will create a trading card as a long-term assignment.  Material for the trading card (9” x 12” paper) will be given in class, but all other materials must be supplied by the student.  Using the following guidelines, students will demonstrate their comprehension.  Both sides of the trading card need to be colorfully decorated with words and visuals that represent the topic of the book.  The quality of appearance and conventions will be assessed along with the content.


Front of Trading Card:

ù  Title and Author

ù  Topic:  (Colon must be present.)

ù  Hand-created visual that represents the topic


Back of Trading Card:

ù  10 original important sentences/main ideas about the topic listed in numbered sequence


All work for this project must be completed at home.  The finished trading card is due no later than January 4, 2013.
  Book Approval Slips must be passed in with the finished project.