Reading is such an important part of being successful in school. I would like to encourage all students to pick up a book at home and spend some time every evening reading. Students can read to parents, siblings, or independently.  Remember, the more a person reads, the better they get at reading. Parents are excellent role models. Please read together as often as possible to help create better readers!
Shared Reading:
Doing a shared reading with your child can teach your child that reading can be fun. You can build memories by having a planned ritual of reading together after school, after dinner, or before bed. You can be a good role model by showing them how to use good voice expression and discussing the meaning in the story. It is OK to take turns reading pages. Sometimes if your child is struggling to read the book, you may read it first and then have them read it.

Reading Strategies
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Here are some reading strategies that students can use when they come to an unfamiliar word:

Does it make sense?    

Look for little words in the bigger words.     

Look for and listen for letter patterns or clusters.     

Does it sound right?      

Look for picture clues.      

Backtrack and read the sentence again.    

Say the beginning sound and read the rest of the sentence.

If all those strategies don't work, skip the word and go on.


Reading done at home: Students have a chance to earn rewards by reading books at home.  Students who read 10-20 minutes or more at home need to bring in a book slip (provided by Mrs. Kloberdanz) with a parent/guardian signature. If your child comes home without a slip, just sign your name, minutes read, and book title on any piece of paper. When students fill their reading chart, they earn a prize.

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