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Welcome to Second Grade!!!

    This will be an exciting year for all students as we work on learning more about reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.  
    This year Mrs. Cirrincione and I will be departmentalizing. Mrs. Cirrincione will be teaching literacy and I will be teaching math and content areas. This means that your child will have two teachers providing quality instructions everyday. If your child has Mrs. Cirrincione in the morning (before lunch) then I will be with your child's class in the afternoon (after lunch). If your child is with me in the morning then Mrs. Cirrincione will be taking over your child's class in the afternoon. 

    School hours are from  8:10 to 2:30 everyday.  Students should be on campus NO EARLIER THAN 7:30, as there is no supervision before that time.  If your child is going to eat  breakfast in the school cafeteria, make sure to allow enough time for that before school begins at 8:10 and breakfast is served until 8:00.  If your child arrives at school after  8:10, he/she needs to go to the office for an late pass before going to class.  If you need to pick your child up early from school, please go to the office first to sign out your child.  They will notify us to send  him/her to the office to go home.

    If your child is absent, please  send a note with him/her the following day to explain the absence.  We expect children to attend each day unless they are sick.  If you need to take your child to the doctor or out for vacation, PLEASE try to schedule these for days or times when we are not in school.   Your child misses a lot of important instruction when he/she is not here every day.

    All children need to bring a backpack to school each day so they have a safe way to carry their  papers to and from school.  Make sure that you check your child’s backpack every day for important information and papers in his/her homework folder. Please remove and review these papers.  Papers that require your signature need to be returned the following day. Your child needs to keep the backpack cleaned out so that it doesn't get too heavy to carry.  

    Homework will be sent home in a special folder daily, except for days we go on trips. Students have  until the next day  to complete and return the homework in the Homework Folder. If homework could  not be completed the same night please send me a note and your child will have until Friday to make up the missing assignments. Please be sure to review and sign your child’s homework before it’s returned to school.   Students will need to have the following  supplies at home for doing their homework:  pencils, erasers, crayons, markers, scissors, and glue.  Students also need a quiet, well-lit place at home for them to read  and do their homework.

    Children in second grade benefit from having a regular bedtime every night.  Kids who do not get enough sleep have a hard time paying attention in class and will not learn as much as they should.  Please try  to have your child get at least 8-10 hours of sleep a night.

    We know that birthdays are special days in a second grader’s life.  If your child wants to include the class in a birthday celebration at school, we are requesting that you notify us in advance about the day you would like to have the party. Due to busy schedules we would like to have all the birthday parties  in the afternoon, after lunch or before we leave for home. We would strongly suggest that you attend the party to help us with the set up and clean up. We would greatly appreciate if you would  send individual juice boxes and cupcakes, or other treats,  to save valuable academic time. 

    Your assistance  with all of the above will help your child to be successful in second grade.  Thank you  in advance for your support!

 Sincerely, The Second Grade Teachers