What to expect...
As your student progresses through each grade level, they gain  more independence and responsibility. For some students these changes will come easily, and for others it may take a little bit of getting use to.  Here are some things to be aware of as your child enters second grade.


If your child was a first grader at MGS, you received a weekly homework sheet that listed all assignment choices. Because we were still learning how to write, this was necessary to ensure that parents understood what skills to practice and what homework was to be completed. As a second grader, your child is now ready to take on the responsibility of writing their own assignments into their agenda or assignment notebook. Although students may only have one or two things written in their agenda, please remember that reading and practicing math facts are skills that should be worked on almost every night.


Rocket Math:
Toward the end of last year your child was introduced to the Rocket Math program. Rocket Math will begin at the start of this year and continue through fourth grade. Even though your child may have passed several letters last year in first grade, we will all be starting on addition level A. Your child will have the opportunity to take a test each day, encouraging quick progression through the levels. All students are expected to complete the addition portion of Rocket Math so please take a few minutes to study each night. I will be giving you more information concerning Rocket Math as we start the program.
Second Grade Math Curriculum:
Throughout first grade your child was learning math skills through a program called Everyday Mathematics. Although we will be using some of the Everyday Math ideas and materials, the math series used in the second grade is not solely the Everyday Mathematics program
About Ms. Johns...

 Ms. Johns and Mrs. Rutherford
         (Photograph taken by Mrs. Nolte)     

    My name is Ms. Johns and I am your second grade teacher. Many of you may already know me as I taught second grade last year! This is my seventh year at Metamora Grade School, and my fifth year teaching second grade. I am currently working on my masters degree from the University of Illinois at Springfield, and am very excited about all of the cool new things I am learning to do in my classroom!
    At home I have three children of my own. My son Schuyler is 8 years old and is a third grader here at MGS. I also have a set of four year old twins, Connor and Gracie. For fun I have a music group with some teachers at school called the Guitar Club. I am sure you will get to see me play my guitar from time to time. :-)  When I am not at school my family and I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, and playing outside.