Sleepy Eye High School

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    Hello SEPS students and parents!! My name is Mrs. Jeanine Backer and I am in my 15th year as a teacher at SEPS. In the past I have taught various different courses such as 8th grade Algebra 1, 7th grade Pre-Algebra, some non traditional classes called Intervention 7 and Intervention 8, and one STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) course. This year my favorite course, STEM, will be my full time job.  STEM is a hot topic in education.  Lots of energy is going into creating programs that integrate the individual content areas - science, technology, engineering, and math - into a unified curriculum that offers greater connection to the real world providing authentic purposes for learning and solving problems. What I love about STEM is that the concepts at the heart of it's teaching approach involve curiosity, inquiry, creativity, exploration, collaboration, and critical thinking. These are the skills that will be most likely to help students be successful in higher education, the work place, and as citizens of the world.

    am a Elk River native and graduate of University of St. Thomas (GO TOMMIES!!).   I am a mother of 3 and have been happily married for 28 years.  My husband, Dan, is a New Ulm native which is how I landed in Southern Minnesota.  My oldest, Elliot, attends Physician Assistant grad school in Chicago.  My middle child, Hannah, is enrolled in her third year at the University of Minnesota nursing program, and young Cole is an 9th grader at New Ulm High School.

    Math was always my favorite subject. My most memorable math teacher has to be Mr. Gibson, my 8th grade teacher. I went to a large public school with 500 some students per class. By 8th grade I was a strong math student and ended up in special algebra group which excelled in higher level concepts. Mr. Gibson was so serious about us doing well in math, he made us cut our finger nails to make sure we did not make mistake pressing incorrect numbers on the calculator.  Even though he was a unique teacher, math became something I enjoyed. His quirky dedication to make us great math students is the reason why math is my favorite subject.  

    I enjoy math because I love concrete answers! I find myself spending hours looking at and planning family finances as well as dissecting maps for travel calculating distance, time, and expenses for family vacations. I am excited to bring meaningful math to the classroom through STEM activities and explorations!

    Throughout the school day, I hope that I can inspire learning! Let’s make this the best school year we can and EXPECT THE BEST!  

Period 1:  8:00am - 8:47am  -  New Teacher Collaboration and Support

Period 2:  8:50am - 9:37am  -  4th Grade Math Support

Period 3:  9:51am - 10:38am  - STEM 5

Period 4:  10:41am  -  11:28am - STEM 6

Lunch:  11:31am  - 11:55am

                 11:58am  -  12:46pm  -  Design and Modeling 7

Period 6:  12:49pm  -  1:36pm  -  Design and Modeling 8

Period 7:  1:39pm  -  2:26pm  -  Prep

Advisory:  2:29pm - 3:01 - Seniors