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Jane Grayshon
Jane Grayshon

Jane Grayshon was a midwife and is now a communicator: speaker, broadcaster and author of nine books. Jane is also chronically ill, so she asks fundamental questions about the difference between life, death, and existence. 

Goodbye Pink Room Cover
Latest Book - Goodbye Pink Room

Jane Grayshon’s self-published book, Goodbye, Pink Room, has now been found by a publisher, Lion Hudson, who published a new edition on 21st March 2014. Purchase a copy direct from the publisher here. 

Goodbye Pink Room is w
ritten almost entirely from the child’s perspective, this remarkable true story gives unique insight into how abusers gain control of children and their families – and why children often cannot speak up.

Front cover of - A Pathway through Pain By Jane Grayshon

A Pathway Through Pain - £3

“It is impossible to read this book without feeling hopeful. I hugely recommend it.” Diane Louise Jordan, TV and Radio Personality  

Readers of Jane’s latest book, Goodbye Pink Room, may be interested to read Jane’s story of her own life 'A Pathway through Pain'. She wrote it as long as thirty years ago: unsurprisingly, this best-selling book has been described as “a Christian classic”. Interestingly, though, she wrote about her physical illness before she realized that the abdominal pain and other symptoms had originated in her having been sexually abused.