I Can Manage Myself (ICMM)


In 4th grade, we manage our own behavior in the classroom.  If you can manage yourself, you will earn membership into the ICMM club and earn special privileges.  If you choose not to manage yourself, you will lose your membership.  It takes two days of following the rules to earn your membership card back if you choose to lose it.  I hope all of you choose to manage yourself in our classroom, and I look forward to a great year!


*ICMM Special Days*


Monday - Small Snack Day (it can't make crumbs!!)


Tuesday - Small Toy Day


Wednesday - Pajama Day


Thursday - No Shoes Day (in the classroom)

(Students must wear socks to participate.)


Friday - Game/Recess Day

*Classroom Rules*


1. Work quietly in class.
2. Be prepared for class.
3. Complete assignments on time.
4. Respect others and yourself.
5. Pay attention during teacher-directed lessons.
(No talking or leaving your seat without permission)
6. Keep desk and storage areas organized, and keep the classroom clean.
7. Obey school and special class rules.



* Follow the classroom rules, and you will qualify for membership in the "ICMM" club.  Once you have earned your ICMM card, you get special privileges as long as you obey the rules.*