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Explorers Project

Choose one of the Explorers Below for your Explorer Research Project

Ferdinand Magellan            Christopher Columbus            Marco Polo            Eric the Red             Bartolomeu Dias         Vasco Da Gama        Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Henry Hudson           John Cabot             Amerigo Vespucci        Giovanni Da Verrazzano       Hernando de Soto         Juan Ponce de Leon     Francisco Pizarro    

Web Resources

Below are a number of web sites that may be helpful in collecting information about an explorer.  It is very important not to plagiarize and that you synthesis the information in your own words and avoid copying another person's work. You must record all of your resources from digital and print media text.

Enchanted Learning Zoom Explorers -Zoom Explorers

The Mariners' Museum- click on Explorers next to Show:

Explorer's Index

World Book

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