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13 Colonies

Click Here First and Read The Three Front Pages to Help You Pick Your Colony

One night you fell asleep under your blanket.  When you awoke, you realized you were sleeping on a hard surface in a strange and rustic building.  Upon further investigation you discovered you had traveled back in time to one of the thirteen colonies.  You will create a presentation explaining your adventure which needs to include:

Instructions for Creating Your Presentation

Log into your Google Account and create a new Google Slides in your Computer Class folder and title it "Last Name and Name of Colony"

  • Slide 1 - Title Page (see attached with format)

  • Slide 2 – Describes the location and area you are living in and how it is different from where you live now, including different weather conditions, climate, etc.

  • Slide 3 – “Founding Fathers” or the people who formed your colony and why they formed it.

  • Slide 4 – As a child in colonial times, explain how your day would begin, including what types of food and clothing you would wear, and what chores or activities would you do before you could leave the house and how is it different from today.

  • Slide 5 – How is your colonial school day different from today’s school day? What are you learning in school then and now? What activities do you do in school and after school? What type of games do you play?

  • Slide 6 – Share what the beliefs are in your town, do they have different holidays, special events or customs?

  • Slide 7 – How does your colonial family earn a living? Do they buy or sell specific items? How is that different from the items we buy/sell today?

  • Slide 8 – How do the people in your town feel about slavery?

  • Slide 9 – Explain some of the modern luxuries and technology tools that you had to go without and how you survived your day without them.

  • Slide 10 – Reference Page

Resources for 13 Colony Research Project   - Click on the links to the Colonies below to complete your research your presentation 

New England Colony Regions- Click on your colony on the Interactive Map- This a great resource for your climate, geography, religion and economy.

The 13 Colonies- Social Studies for Kids

The 13 Colonies- Land of the Brave- Click on your colony 

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