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4th Grade

Read, Write and Think Timeline


After watching the video above, click on the link below to start your timeline.

Read, Write and Think Timeline

Click on the link below to create a Thanksgiving turkey poem. Using keyboard shortcuts select all, copy and paste the generated Thanksgiving turkey poem into Microsoft Word. Format the font size and style, add a border and clipart, add your name, save to your network folder and print the poem in color.

3D Printing

Click the link below to Tinkercad and sign in.  Then click on Learn, scroll down and under Tinkercad Lessons click on Show more lessons...
Complete all 6 lessons

Endangered Animals Research Project

Use the link below to select and then fill in your Endangered Animal Research Sheet..

Once you have completed your research and answered all the questions on your Endangered Animal Research Sheet, you will log into your google account and create a presentation using slides. Please make sure to create it in your computer class folder that is shared with me.

Words that sound the same but have different meanings (and sometimes spelling) are called homophones. Therefore they'retheir and there are Homophones.

There,their, and they're

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