We explore the basics of the PC, creating documents using Google for Education Suite as well as learn how to be conscientious digital citizens. All K-8th grade students have Google Accounts. They have access to some Google apps. For a more detailed explanation, please read the parent letter attached below. I also enjoy making use of the iPads to create projects that relate to their curriculum. Working with the teachers, the children will have a classroom experience that integrates the technology into their everyday curriculum. In addition to this, students will be introduced to the concept of coding and learn keyboarding skills.

Assignments and Missing Work Policy

Consistent late assignments will result in a 2 on your report cards.

★All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom.

★All assignments must be TURNED in through Google Classroom.

★Any assignment turned in late will result in a grade no higher than a 2.

Absent Student Policy

  1. Students are responsible for making up all work they missed in class!

  2. Missing work must be completed before the next class.

  3. If a student knows they are going to be absent, he/she may come to me to see if the work can be completed ahead of time.

  4. Students may use Google Classroom, email, friends or come see me in person to find out about the missing work.

  5. Students will not be able to use lunch recess time to work on projects they missed by being absent. Missing work will be completed at home.