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PASS Questions of the Week


Kendra wrote the number 8,670 to describe how many fans attended a baseball game. How is this number written in words?

a.         eight thousand, six hundred   

b.         eight thousand, six hundred seven   

c.         eight thousand, six hundred seventy

d.         eight thousand, seventy


There were 25 mystery novels, 17 biographies, and 19 action adventure books on a shelf in the library. What was the total number of books on the shelf?

a.         55      b.         58      c.         61      d.         64


Read the paragraph and answer the questions.


It was dark. Jack and his mom had taken a long walk near their house. They had gone with some friends. They used a flashlight to see the path and had a lot of fun. They roasted marshmallows when they got home.

When did this story take place?


in the afternoon


at lunch


in the morning


at night

What might Jack be able to see if he looked at the sky?


a tiny bird


his mom







Which structures carry food and water through plants?


a.         flowers            c.         stems  

b.         leaves  d.         roots


Which living things respond to changes in their environment?


a.         animals only   

b.         plants only      

c.         only very large plants and animals, not small ones    

d.         all living things

Social Studies

In which part of the state are the Blue Ridge Mountains located?

a.         the northern and western corner of the state       

b.         the southern and eastern corner of the state        

c.         the northern and eastern part of the state  

d.         the central part of the state


What features are found along South Carolina’s coastline?

a.         mountains and waterfalls       

b.         rolling hills and valleys 

c.         islands and deserts        

d.         salt marshes and sand dunes